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I need some ideas that are cheap but fun. My son 4th birthday party is on the 29th of this month?

.He loves Dieago and Batman


  1. You should have a Batman party. You can make Batman masks out of black construction paper, and decorate cupcakes with Bats. You could make paper bats and hang them from the crepe paper. You could even face paint bats on the kids. You could play pin the cape on batman. Good luck.
  2. At a fabric store or even Walmart - if yours has a craft section., you can get felt for pretty cheap and make a cool capes or even enough for the party, Use felt to make a big letter or symbol for each kid, and maybe stick on velcro or ribbon thru a slit to tie them. Michaels also had a craft kit $7.99 typically on sale for $4.99 which makes about a dozen foamy masks. As for the food, Rachel Ray has a super-sized birthday theme http://www.rachaelraymag.com/easy-party-ideas/Great-Get-Togethers/birthday-party-menus/make-it-big Luckily, last year we had a dollar store that closed and I got a couple of favors there like giant magnets. The store was 75% off - everything was 25cents ! whoo hoo. Anyway, I went to our other dollar store, and they had some pretty good superhero stuff too - more spiderman than batman though. You could also probably find a bat shaped cookie cutter (halloween clearance stuff) and do the nachos shaped like that too or cookies.
  3. have fun take and creat arts and crafts with your son have him help you make things for his birthday party you can also go to the dollar store they have cheap and good things there thats what my cousins did
  4. I have a son who loves Diego. Nickjr.com has A LOT of printables and ideas for a diego party. And they are all FREE. Using contruction paper (dollar tree has it) Cut circles for badges. All the kids will be Animal rescuers. Hide plush animals all over the house, yard or park. You give them hints and they find the animals. Dollar tree also has some really great favors. Or just print the things online and those can be there prizes, or get 4 pack for a dollar crayons (walmart has then now) and print coloring pages for a take home coloring book.