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What are some things you do with your toddler during the day?

.On most days if it's sunny we play outside on his swingset, go for a walk, get the pool out or we go to the park and library. But at the moment my husband has the car so we're stuck at home and it's rainy. I hate just sitting around watching cartoons all day (im not against him watching them but it gets boring after so long). We've been playing with his race cars and coloring, but we're getting bored already LOL so what are some different things we can do?? How do you keep your little toddler minds busy and entertained?


  1. How about baking?? You could bake cakes or cookies together. Painting Drawing Play-dough Read stories Other arts and crafts Hope this helps !!
  2. Mix it up each day. Buy paints and paint with your son. Even fingerpainting could be fun. Or you could always cook with him. Then you can keep him entertained and have something to snack on with your husband when he gets home. Join local 'playgroups' or 'mothers clubs' if they're around. Arrange playdates with your friends and their children. That way you and your son can interact with people your own ages.
  3. Hi, Many places have parents and toddler groups, find out if there are any in your area of at least close enough for you to be able to walk. toddlers do benefit from these as do parents. Well worth looking in to. If you are stuck at home see if there are any mums like you about and ask them over so that the children can play as you have a chat together. Very often you will find that you are just one of many in this situation. Added to these things look up: Hope this helps somewhat. Resources - Early Literacy Resources. Poems, Rhymes, Raps, Fingerplays, and Chants to use with Young Children. We welcome any poetry from teachers, parents, or children to add to our... www.earlyliterature.ecsd.net/resources1.htm - Cached - Similar
  4. I just read Brain Rules for Baby, and it helped me fine-tune some of my ideas about play. The author had a great idea about setting up a room with different stations, e.g. options that are easy to see. You can have a puzzle station, a music station, an art station, etc. It reminded me of a little Montessori school. The book also said that kids (including toddlers) need some guidance, but not too much. They should be allowed to play creatively. That is, you don't have to be the one to decide what he is going to play. (A weight off your shoulders, right?) Obviously you decide what toys are available as options, and you can talk about what he's doing, but in the end, he decides.
  5. Read. Puppets (if you do not have any, make some- outgrown gloves are great, as are socks without mates). Musical instruments- either real, pretend (pots and spoons) or ones you make (aluminum pie tins and dry rice or beans). Turn the music up (one of his CDs or your own music) and dance silly- fun and great excercise. Arts and crafts- Playdoh (look up the recipe for edible Playdoh), fingerpainting with whip cream, sidewalk chalk, etc. Make a card for his dad for Father's Day. Let him help you bake, and then enjoy a picnic lunch on the floor of the kitchen or living room. Pop some popcorn and watch a little television- or, better yet, family videos. Blocks. Build castles...and then knock them down. Swim- in the bathtub. Make a tent/fort with furniture and sheets. Let him help you with laundry- he can match socks and fold wash cloths (good motor skills to pratice, as well). Puzzles. If you do not have any, make your own using old magazine pages that you cut up or print copies of family photos or images from the internet to cut into puzzles. Depending on his age, some websites- PBSKids.org, NickJr, Disney, etc. Many zoos have animal webcams he may enjoy.