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Any ideas for activities for my 4 year old daughters birthday party?

.The theme is Tinkerbell and there will be boys and girls between the ages of 2-10. The party is in three weeks and I am starting a new job so I dont have tons of time to get stuff together.


  1. hmm well I think you should get a tinkerbell birthday cake, and if your daughter has a younger brother/cousin/or any relative that is her age dress him up as peter pan and her as tinkerbell, you should make the room the party is in the theme of the movie. good luck!
  2. piniata,pin the tail on donkey,tag,hide and seek?
  3. have a pinyata, and the person swinging the pinyata gets to wear little tinkerbell farie wings in which you can buy or make. while that person is swinging, all of the other little kids will get "farie dust" aka glitter in which they can throw/sprinkle on the hitter.
  4. My daughter had a Tinkerbell party a couple of years ago too. The girls made magic wands which we bought from "Birthday Express" which is online. We also purchased a Tinkerbell pinata from the same company. The boys weren't too into Tinkerbell, so we obviously had a different craft for them (it had nothing to do with Tinkerbell). I also found free printables online and printed a bunch of different Tinkerbell pages which I copied and stapled into a coloring book. The kids enjoyed coloring them with crayons / colored pencils / etc. I made sure I included some Peter Pan and Captain Hook pictures too. The boys liked coloring those pages. If you don't have a lot of time, and you don't mind spending the money, Birthday Express has a lot of neat crafts that are "ready to go". Boys might enjoy one of their pirate crafts.......my son had a pirate party several years ago and we bought cute treasure trunks that the kids decorated with jewels that they glued on the trunk. It would go along with a Tinkerbell theme because of "Captain Hook" et. al. I bought a cake from the local bakery which had a cute little Tinkerbell topper. Good luck, and have fun!
  5. I would have the movie Peter Pan playing as kids come in, start it at part where Tinkerbell is, They could decorate their own cookies or cupcakes with different types of "Pixie Dust" colored sugar. How about them decorating and designing their own wings you could tie on for the party? Have them cut out already on poster board and then use string to tie them on. Tinkerbell helped to fight Pirates with Peter Pan, you could have a Sand box full of pirate figures. Another sand area could have mermaid things and sea shells since she also visited mermaids in the movie. So you hide things in sand and the kids find them, they get to keep them, you could mark one figurine or shell special for special prizes.
  6. Using the idea of pin the tail, switch it up to pin the wings on the fairy. Have the kids pair up 1 boy 1 girl teams and have prizes for both. Have a pin'ata made shaped like a shark and put in pixi stix{the tubes of sugar} and other candies add some little tinkerbell/peter pan toys and temp tattoos, you or your spouse dress up like hook. Thats about all I can come up with right now, hope it helps. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to your daughter..
  7. My daughter is 4 and she talks about having a pinata at her next birthday party...all the time! I think it'll be cute. Cheap and easy!
  8. carnival them bring a clown and also just set up little games have your friends and like your mom and help to run them
  9. have a craft party