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Kid's birthday party?

.I am having a birthday party for my son who just turned 5 on July 5th and my daughter who will turn 4 on July 11th.... My question is what kind of party should I throw? He likes spider-man, speed racer, iron man...you know boy stuff. She likes princess, Dora, Mickey Mouse, girly things I'm on a tight budget, should I do hot dogs and hambergers with the fixings or Just cake and ice cream? Any ideas?


  1. just have a simple party with the family not to flashy. but just as fun.
  2. maybe you should like, rent a bounce house for your son, and then make your daughter like a beauty day. (: where she can paint her toenails with her friends, talk about gossip, and just chill, even though she's only 4. xD
  3. Is there anyway you can get them to agree on a theme. Maybe be simple and have ballons and have them make a banner that says happy b-day with both of their names. get them each a hat so people know it's their birthday.(so they feel they each are special and stand out) Hot dogs and hamburgers are also good for birthday parties. Another is sloppy joes and american cheese melted over it! and all the fixings!
  4. I suggest that you be a bit adventurous and avoid a franchise theme. An animal party would be lovely. Keep it simple. Have an assortment of pre-frosted cupcakes for your guests to transform into little creatures. Licorice, M&Ms, chocolate kisses, mini marshmallows, and gumdrops would be perfect accessories in creating their favorite animals. Have movie like Madagascar playing in the background. You can drape some green ribbons across the room to mimic a jungle of vines.
  5. Pony Party
  6. Would he settle for Diego and you could do a Dora and Diego theme. Could even just get some zoo pal plates. I would say depends on the time and hour long the party is as far as what to serve. If you do it just a little after lunch and not more than two hours or so, cake and ice cream should be fine.
  7. Good boy and girl themes that go together well are Pirates and Princesses or Pirates and Mermaids. Also Knights and Princesses. If your son would agree on this theme. Also some neutral themese are Wild West (Coyboys/Indians) Jungle Circus Luau Why don't you set the party to be a time before or after people eat that way you don't have to supply a meal and you could just get cake and icecream. Pirates and Mermaids This theme goes great together because they each have to do with the ocean. So decorations could be easy sea sheels, jewls, peral neclaces, gold coins, fish, fishing net. Have blue, green, and white as streamers and ballons. Make a flag with scull and cross bones. Maybe a have a toy boat sitting on the table. Spray paint rocks gold to look like golden nuggets. Invitations: This could be a fun things to do with the children before the party. Write or print the party deatails on paper roll up to resemble a treasure map and tie with string or ribbon. Add some sand, glitter, confetti and and some few small sheels inside a plastic bottle add the invitation and put the cap on and deliver. Girls could dress up as mermaids and guys dress in pirate attire. Or you could aslo tell the guest to wear swimming attire if you have a small pool to play in or other water games. Have eye patches, bandannas and temporary tatoos for the pirates you could also paint on stubble and beards with paint or eyeliner. For the girls you could have pearls or costume jelery, Sea Crowns and temporary tatoos you could aslo give them face paint. Seating: Since you are having two parties in one to make each child feel special maybe you could have two talbes one for each child and their friends. I think you should also make a speical seat for the birthday child decorate it by taping things to it and maybe having a pillow to sit on you could do one that is more mermaid and one more pirate. Also you could tie balloons to it so it really stands out. Food: Gold Fish Crackers, Swedish Fish and Cake/Cupcakes and IceCream You could have an under the sea cupcakes or cake to share or you could have two seprate cake/cupcakes for each child. For games you could play pass the fish/crab or whatever stuffed animal like hot potato. Also you could have a treasure hunt (you could use pictures or word with this one) with a real treasure box to find you could fill the treasure box with individual favor bags so there would be no fighting. You could have a crab race where guest have to walk on their hands and feet belly up possition. Another game could be like musical chairs but use beach towel instead and call them islands. You could also have a hunt but this time hind things like sea sheels or other little prizes that the kids can keep once they find them they could use their decoarted treasure cheast to collect their prizes. You could have the children do a craft One idea I seen in a party book is to get uncooked pasta shells in differnt sizes and spray paint them then take shoe boxes or whatever you like and spray paint it gold give them to the kids with the sheels to decorate with the shells and lay out glitter glue, fake jewls and stickers. Maybe have a few coloring pages in the theme of coarse in cause someone fishishes early or does not want to participate. Favor Ideas: Costume Jewlery, Gold Chocolate Coins, Fish Squirt Toys, Beach Toys, Plastic Sea Horses and Fish, Swedish Fish, Bubbles, Platic Swords, Kaleidoscopes http://familyfun.go.com/parties/birthday/feature/party1/party3.html http://familyfun.go.com/parties/holiday/specialfeature/doca0603_pirates_sf/ If you do not choose the mermaid/pirate theme and would like ideas of another theme feel free to let me know because I always have ideas! I didn't even write everything that I could of for the mermaid/pirate thme. So feel free to e-mail me or send me an instand message if you need more ideas or would like to know more. I love doing this kind of thing. Good luck with your party and I hope everyone will enjoy it and agree on a theme.
  8. What about a carnival party? All kids love carnivals and this way you can do some fun things that won't cost much! You can do relay races with the kids, things like potato sack races, three legged races, wheel barrel races, etc. You can get some 2 liter soda bottles and make a ring toss. Get something that is like a ring and make them toss it around the bottles. You can hang a white sheet and use it as a backdrop, go to the dollar store and get some props like boas, fun hats, fun glasses, anything and make it the fun area for pictures and have your children and the party guests pose together with each other and the props. They'll have fun with each other and the props, and you'll have some great pictures, and you can print some out and send them in the thank you cards! You can also go the dollar store and get little sand art kits and have the kids do that. You can set up an ice cream bar. Get chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream and some toppings. Sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and marachino cherries and have the kids make their own sundaes. You can get waffle cone bowls at the grocery store. For food, being it's a carnival theme, do franks in blankets, the appetizer size, pizza bagel bites in appetizer size, then you can do popcorn, cotton candy, and the ice cream bar. Tell parents in the invites that it's a carnival theme and it's only snack type foods will be served to follow the theme unless you want to do the burgers and hot dogs. Other games you can do with them are a pinata, get the ones where you pull the string to open it. Take both your children to the party store and tell them in order to get one, they have to agree on one or go yourself and find one that would fit with the theme. In the same aisle there's usually what's called pinata filler, they're big bags on candy to put in the pinatas and it's less than buy the candy individually or anywhere else. You can also do face painting and fake tattoos. Ask a friend to come and help you with this, so if you're doing one child, she has the group of children and that they're being supervised. Or you can always ask a teen to come and do face painting on the kids for you. You can get some balloons which always scream party, and get them in red and white, or whatever colors you like or your children like, you can have them pick two or three colors and then cluster the balloons in some areas and put them around the party. You can give out little rubber ducks as prizes, lollipops, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc. Make sure you have a prize for each child and If you do get a pinata, make sure to write each child's name on their bag so no one is fighting over whose bag is whose at the end of the party, believe me, it does happen and doing this one simple thing fixes that! With the prizes and the pinata you won't have to do goodie bags, those are THE goody bags! They will get prizes for the games and the pinata which is MORE than enough! You can go to orientaltrading.com and they have deals which are BETTER than the dollar store and in bulk, so I would check there first, otherwise, walk around the dollar store, you can find LOTS there and kids that age LOVE it there, it's a treasure trove for them with the stickers, toys, etc. You can get coloring books, crayons, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, pencils with their names on them, pads with their names on them, etc. I hope some of these ideas help and that your children have a great party and very Happy Birthdays! Your kids are going to have a ball, I know you're worried, but as long as you have fun and make it fun, they'll have fun!