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were can i go to get free downloads of cartoon characters for my granddaughter to color?

.or any pitchers that a6 year old would like to color


  1. Go to a search site, like Google, and type "Free colouring pages" and you will find lots.
  2. go thius website http://disney.go.com/magicartist/coloring/
  3. The Disney and nick Jr have some good ones. Just google colouring pictures and the characters name if you are looking for some one in particular.
  4. google images
  5. You can spend a few dollars on your granddaughter, can't you? Don't be so cheap and buy the books, grampa, they're not expensive at wal-mart.
  6. nickjr.com, playhousedisney.com, cartoonnetwork.com, juniebjones website for booklovers of junie b jones by barbara park
  7. This is really cool---Interactively color pictures online. ... ST. PATRICKS DAY - see St. Patrick's Day pictures · waving hat · clover with beer · guy and rainbow ... www.coloring.com/pictures/choose.c
  8. I am level two now wo wo. That's the way I like it un hu un hu that's the way I like it un hu
  9. http://www.coloring.com/ http://www.coloring.com/pictures/choose.cdc http://www.niehs.nih.gov/kids/color.htm and here's a really cool one (she may need your help to start.) http://cstitcher.tripod.com/color1/color.html
  10. Heres one site that you could use. http://www.free-coloring-pages.com/printable.html There are free printable pages with characters from various cartoons and also coloring pages for holidays as well. If your granddaughter likes disney, their website also has free pages to download as well for their characters. http://disney.go.com/magicartist/coloring/ They have characters from movies too, such as FInding Nemo or Beauty and the Beast. You could virtually find almost anything that she wants to color by just typing in key words in google images. If she wants to find pictures of mickey mouse to color, just type in Mickey Mouse coloring and you could find pages of him in different poses, outfits, etc. I hope she has fun!
  11. Try these : http://www.coloring.ws/coloring.html or http://www.free-coloring-pages.com/ or http://www.dltk-kids.com/coloring.htm or http://www.coloringbookfun.com/ or http://thecoloringspot.com/ or http://www.coloring-page.net/ Wow what a nice granparent you are hope these help ! HAVE FUN COLORING AWAY !
  12. Go to http://familycrafts.about.com/od/characterscolor/ I don't go here, ever since I started drawing anime.