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i need ideas for a disney magazine for young kids both genders fast please can someone help?

.for a project we have been asked to design an 8 page magazine for kids so my theme is disney (anything to do with disney) and i have no idea what to include in thew magazines or what Colour's to use or how to lay it out so i urgently need some ideas of what to include on all the pages and front cover please can someone help


  1. get a pic of nick jonas in it and all the girls will love the magazine
  2. You need to be a bit more specific as its a bit too vague - however a few general points - if you can perhaps then expand on what you are aiming for target market etc - then you can look at what else is out there magazine wise The front cover is really important as there are so many kids magazines out there - I would suggest you go online and have a look to see what they are doing _ the majority always seem to have some type of free gift - for younger children bright colours definately make it stand out and draw them to it If you make it for children age 4-5 on inside page do a find the difference - ie two images of mickey mouse - the differences could be different coloured jacket , one ear instead of two , holding a flower or not holding a flower , having pluto in one shot and not in other. a dot to dot to outline one of the characters a simple story that is educational - ie mickey on safari - where you list the animals / birds - a counting game -ie how many can you see - have the diifferent characters a colouring in picture is good perhaps have a word recognition game where they have to match the word to the illustration - keep it simple
  3. Two sheets of white A3 paper, folded in half gives you eight sides of A4. Banner across front top showing the title of the comic - perhaps with a couple of characters at each end. Below and on pages 2 and 3, a story involving as many of the characters as you can manage. They will be in boxes or rectangles each with pictures and a couple of lines of story. So the story doesn't have to be enormous, but there is quite a bit of drawing. Pages 4 and 5, puzzles and maybe a competition with a small prize and a facts section all about Disney, info which you can get from the internet, Maybe an advert for a Disney Land holiday in Florida and fill the rest with ad-pictures of Disney characters. Pages 6,7 and 8 another story but perhaps based on your own favourite(s) character(s), which would be done in the same format as pages 1-3. You will need a Disney Annual if you can get hold of one in a second hand book shop. It should only cost you a couple of pounds. Or you could try the library; in the Art Section they have Comic Art and I'm sure you will find something connected with Disney. Check with the Librarian if you are unsure, For colours, use authentic colours for each character otherwise it won't look right. You can get the actual colours from the Annual or what the Library can provide or check the Internet. I think they are usually drawn in black and then coloured in. That is helpful if you cannot draw too well because you do the drawings in pencil, go over that with the black outline and then WAIT FOR IT TO DRY OVERNIGHT before attempting to erase any incorrect pencil lines. You are then ready for colouring in. For the thin black outline I would use a pen with waterproof ink. If you don't let it dry overnight then when you erase the surplus pencil lines, it will smudge big time. Finally, do not use comic paper, it's far too thin. If you use very thin paper when you colour page one it will come through onto page 2 as will the black outline. You may have to try out some different weights of paper, but don't go below 80 gsm (grams per square metre). Have you got a printing shop near you. I'm sure if you asked them nicely and told them what you are doing they may give you some good advice and even the paper for free. How good is that? I think you are on for a 94% and with some good drawing and layout, even more. Very good luck.