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Any ideas for my little girl's 2nd birthday party?

.I decided on Little Mermaid theme. I need ideas for food, games, and decorations


  1. She's only 2 years old!!! Thats like giving car keys to a 4 year old
  2. Hide and seek games?or toys.
  3. Have a little luncheon with fish & chips! Little sea shells etc. & for games I would google that because I think 2 yrs. old is too young for actual games. You could do go fish pond (pretend) etc.
  4. Maybe go a little broader and do an "under the sea" theme. Little mermaid is nice, but very specific, and could work out expensive when getting decorations and stuff (Disney branding!) Food: Fish shaped biscuits, sandwiches (with tuna ha ha!) get a fish, or crab cutter, and you can use this for the sandwiches as well, just a few token items that get people talking. The rest can just be other nibbles. Games: Children of 2 will need simple games to do, and crafts actually work out better for children of this age. Cut up shapes of fishes, crabs whatever out of cardboard, and let them decorate it to take it home with them. Leave out glitter glues, scrap pieces of paper, whatever you have around really, pass the parcel is always a good one with an under the sea themed prize in the middle, have music on for them to dance to, if the weather is warm enough, advise parents to bring swimming things for the other children, and have water play stuff outside. 2 year olds generally don't have the longest concertration spans, so provide lots of different things for them to do, but I wouldn't go too over the top in organising games, as most of them will prob either not understand and get bored, and wander off anyway (this happened when I spent ages organising games for a 3 year olds birthday party ha ha!) Decorations: Anything really....get some blue/green streamers and hang them up everywhere, pictures of little mermaid, or fishes etc in some places,balloons of course......everyone loves balloons! :P You could also do some crafts with your 2 year old beforehand and put them up....make jellyfish out of egg box top, and get them to paint it, and then stick string on the bottom for tenticles, it makes it nice and personal then. Have a look online as well just google, and I'm sure tonnes of things will come up. Good luck!
  5. keep it simple and keep the length of the party to 1 - 1.5 hours believe me thats more than enough time. food - careful of choking hazards, how about a bouncy castle, it'll keep them occupied for longer. get a family member or the other mums to help, you'll need it! good luck!
  6. I wouldn't get too excited about games for a 2 year old... They don't really get the whole idea or have the attention span to be bothered for another couple of years... A good way to make a cake look like it's made of water is to put a layer of blue jelly on top. To do this line a baking tray (same size/shape as your cake is) with foil and pour in jelly to about 1.5cm deep. Mix the jelly a bit stronger than usual so it sets a bit harder. When this has set gently put the baked and cooled cake into the tray on top of the jelly and then invert. The jelly will now b sitting on top of the cake. Peel the foil off and you have a cake covered in blue jelly! Pipe icing around the outside to hide the join.
  7. Each year birthdays for children become more and more fun. I hate it when people say don't fuss over it because they won't remember it. Kids don't remember a lot of things early on but what goes on surely does effect them for the rest of their lives! And the pictures will be a lot of fun to look back on. With that being said, I think a mermaid theme is really cute. You could do a pinata and fill it with whatever you want (not just candy, maybe raisin packets, etc). You could also make your own pin the tail on the mermaid game. If the weather is going to be nice, then I would think you may want to incorporate water. Anything from water balloons (you could do a water balloon toss game) to squirt guns to a sprinkler to a pool. Personally, I would do a lot of finger foods. If you can find cookie cutters to incorporate your theme then go for it. You could make anything from fish and chips to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (watch out for allergies). If it were me and it is outdoors I would probably fire up the grill and make hamburger and hot dogs with a veggie tray, fruit tray and some salads. The $1 store has a lot of great items. And at Dollar Tree, if you have it, I have seen the Little Mermaid items in there on numerous occasions. You could also go online and print off free coloring pages. For my daughters 2nd birthday I did that and gave each kid a coloring book I made (punched a hole in the corner of the pages and tied w/ ribbon), a goodie bag w/ crayons in it along w/ a few other things. If you feel like you are up for it, finger paints is always a fun project. I recently did that as well with a group. We put the 13 gal trash bags over all the kids (cut out a hole at the bottom and side for their head and arms). Surprisingly it wasn't that messy. They can paint whatever you want them to (I had the kids paint mickey ears since it was a Mickey Mouse birthday party theme). Have fun!
  8. I did a princess theme party for my daughters 1st birthday made her a castle cake and everything for the castle cake you need to have a rectangle cake and a round cake you place the round cake in the centre of the rectangle one then I placed the stubby icecream cones in each of the four corners with a sugar cone upside down inside the other cone to look like turrets. we went out and bought the poly pocket disney princesses to go on top and around the cake it turned out really cute. I didn't do any games but at 2 you could do dress up like your favorite princess and have them make crowns with mommies help that sort of thing make it lots of fun but doesn't need to be super expensive