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How do I do this on my website?

.Let's say I'm making a website. Horray! It's going to be a forum. The point of the forum is to turn every word that you type in a post is a LINK to the word you typed in. So if I typed up a post like: "Super Mario World is my favorite game." EVERY word is automatically turned into a word that leads you to a page on the site with that word as the title and URL name of that word. So basically, everything you type in will be turned into a link so it would be a never ending website. And the pages that haven't been made will show up in a red color on that link which clicking on would create that page. It's kind of like Wikipedia. Does anyone have a script that I could use or a way to do this? I could use some help. Thank you!


  1. You really only need one simple script to do that really. On submission of the post, you will loop through the words, look them up in a database of other posts you have using the word and then doing a text replace of the word with that URL. I am not sure this type of thing is a good idea and most users would be turned off by something like that. I can tell you I get annoyed reading a blog that has those special keyword links that create little popups when you hover over them (usually advertising stuff). I know your site is not like that, but endless links make content feel scammy. You haven't told us anything about the language you are using for your site so we can't exactly recommend anything prebuilt. But to have a typical coder write it in PHP or ASP.NET would be a 2-4 hour job max. It is virtually a loop, query and string replace on post. :)