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How can I make a stop motion of something pixilated?

.Ok I need some help here. I'm trying to make a stop motion on graph paper of super Mario bros level 1 world 1. You know, the one made in 1985. Well my graph paper is 8.5"x11". And when I look at Videos of super Mario the pixels look very complicated. I don't know how to draw them on graph paper.any help?


  1. Well, you could draw the sprites and such on a computer, and then make a video or a slideshow of the pictures.
  2. A pixel is a square, so you'd build it up 1 block at a time, it's a bit of work until you get an idea of the finished shape and might need some creativity like using coloured squares of paper, otherwise you might need 15-24 pages per second of footage. The animations in old games were done by fooling the eye though, there's maybe 3 different poses the character does to make him appear to run so make cut-outs of all those poses and change accordingly. saves a ton of work. Maybe read up on drawing pixelated pictures on the computer and print each sprite if it needs to actually be stop motion rather than animated. http://psd.tutsplus.com/articles/techniques/learn-how-to-draw-hand-crafted-pixel-art-in-photoshop/ Old games were made with minimal effort and all sorts of tricks to fool your eye due to how little the computer could actually handle, so that's maybe what you also need to aim for ☺