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Where can I find free Disney coloring pages to print for my kids?

.I'm looking for coloring book pages that I can print for free. I am only looking for Disney characters. Do you know any good websites where I can find them with a variety of characters?


  1. if you go on disney.com you can look at the shows your children like best and go to acivities and games and most of the younger kids cartoon shows have coloring pages you can print out .
  2. You can find a bunch here... http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/829325/free_printable_disney_coloring_book.html?cat=15 They have a coloring page for just about every Disney character.
  3. http://www.artistshelpingchildren.org/coloringprintouts.html http://i-love-disney.com/coloringbook/
  4. Disney does not give anything away for free. They are a money hungry company that will bleed you dry. Better to go with something from Sesame Street. They at least are non profit and put money back into programs for kids education. Besides Elmo is a lot cuter than Mickey.
  5. http://hubpages.com/hub/Disney-Coloring-Pages http://www.educationalcoloringpages.com/disney.html http://www.4kraftykidz.com/DisneyColoringPages.html I used all three of these sites to print coloring pages for our three kids on a recent trip. The top one was the "best' IMO.
  6. http://disney.go.com/magicartist/coloring/ http://www.kidscolorpages.com/coloringpages.htm http://www.educationalcoloringpages.com/disney.html http://www.fun-with-pictures.com/disney-coloring-pages.html i got these off of google.com just search there,.. im pretty sure you will find some good ones