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80s Cartoon Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. Any good ideas for decorating a room with an 80s theme?

    we're having this social event and our theme would be the 80s. Cn you give me some pointers or ideas as to how I will easily decorate the room that would fit the theme, and the materials to be used. Thanks.

  2. A toy like spirograph but draws fiquers?

    What was this old drawing toy called? It was a box of plastic discs with slits you would fill in with a pencil and when you were done you took off the disk and you would have a cartoon character. It was in the 80s toy

  3. What are some 60s, 70s, and 80s clothes?

    At my school, we are doing this "past" thing, and we need to dress for like the 60s-90s. Are jean shorts over leggings 70ish or 80ish? What exactly did they wear??? Also, I need help with the accesories and shoes- what did they wear; high top sneakers? They wore leg warmers, right? I have some. Thanks a lot! :)

  4. could you please make me a supercute outfit??

    ok,i need fall clothes. im 14 im going to be a freshman im a size 3, but also a 5 at some silly stores that run small. im 5'4 i have a really ecletic, wild style.sometimes almost harajuku girl-ish,sometimes hippie. and i HATE preppy like even abercrombie i tend to get really competitive about what im wearing, so please make it cute. also, im really confused as to colors, im somewhat pale, goldenbrownish eyes, blond/brown hair, so if you can think of colors that go, THANK YOU! i just want to thank everyone who answers this, you are all amazing. thank you.