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Christmas Cartoon Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. 25 days of Christmas cute things to do?

    Well this Christmas I wanted to do a 25 days of Christmas thing where it starts on December 1st and ends December 25th. I wanted to do something for this 25 days leading up to Christmas like one day we could make cookies, do a craft... Any cute, fun, unique ideas? I wanted to this tradition with my two little sisters (ages: 9 and 5)

  2. website that has cartoon pix of christmas stockings or one of your own if your an artist?

    i'm looking to kind of copy it. not much of an artist myself but i can trace very well. thanks

  3. christmas movie help?

    anyone know the name of that christmas animation that appeared on cartoon network 4-5 years ago? it was like saint nick when he was younger like the begining of him becoming santa claus. all i can remember is that he had kind of brownish orngish hair and they sung in the movie liek a musical(easy best answer) no its not upon a christmas and nope its not santa clause is coming to town. p.s. its like a cartoon animation not a stop frame one with the puppets

  4. Is it me, or do you guys think the same thing?

    Hi :) Now, all over the internet, i have been seeing alot of females who look alike. It's just something about them that makes them look alike. Most of them have a skinny shape. And the most common thing i have been seeing is girls wearing the little messy bun that sits on the top of their head. They kind of look like this... (http://www.google.com/imgres?q=a+bun+sitting+on+top+of+your+head&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=1024&bih=499&tbm=isch&tbnid=DyF6SLNQq-Zs3M:&imgrefurl=http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/news/2011/12/15/turbo-top-knots-gaga-tulisa-gwen-stefani-and-nicola-roberts-with-hit-christmas-hair-trend-here-s-how-115875-23637397/&docid=rzTCtdUvkyAqjM&imgurl=http://images.mirror.co.uk/upl/m4/dec2011/8/9/image-4-for-top-knot-hair-gallery-gallery-725953164.jpg&w=610&h=943&ei=e3n9TqieDsWCtgePkZDRBg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=185&vpy=109&dur=132&hovh=279&hovw=180&tx=109&ty=156&sig=110604487424581330446&page=1&tbnh=122&tbnw=78&start=0&ndsp=14&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0) ecpt for with the extra hair going down. And it seems like most of them have the same hair type as well. It looks kind of like it's wavy or something. (i can't find a picture of what i'm exactly talking about) Most of them also have the same color skin tone. (i'm not being racist) They're skin tone isn't to bright but it isn't to dark either. They look like they are mixed or something. Now that i think about it, i guess they are mixed girl... But ANWAY, does it seem like you have seen many girls going around like this? If so, why? Is that the "latest fashion" or something? Don't get me wrong though, i think girls who look like that are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! But, yeah... Answers below please :D Thanks in advance <3 Thanks for all the answers. @werrrrrrrd , The same kind your smoking! -___-

  5. Wizard of Oz Tornado Picture?

    I saw a picture of the twister in the old wizard of oz movie and desperately need to find it for a christmas gift. It is a print in sienna color(not black and white). It is fairly large and there is a small house in the backround. I have been searching forever and decided to look her for some answers. If anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know!

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