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Cartoon Coloring Pages To Print Questions Answered!

  1. How much does it cost to print a graphic novel?

    How much would it cost to print a 200 page graphic novel per copy? Black and white and tones? And how much would a color graphic novel cost to print? Thanks!

  2. Does anyone know where to find coloring pages of jack and rose from the titanic?

    i love drawing, but i'm best at it when i can look at a sketch or cartoon look. i want to find some pictures that i can print out and draw of jack and rose from the titantic. any help? thank you!

  3. What qualifications do you need to into cartoons or movies?

    Ever since I was 6 I've wanted to go into movies, but for a while now i've been thinking about cartoons. I' am in my higher class at school so if I was to do art at collage to would be no problem. But I am also thinking about going into movies, either director, Writer or actor but I don't know what qualifications I would need for that or what else I need to go into cartoons. please help.

  4. How do I create professional looking cartoons?

    I want to create a comic, but no matter how much I practice I can't create drawings that live up to my standards. I have a great storyline and characters, but what do I do to create great pictures? What kind of equipment should I be using for comics. Are there any tips on the kind of drawing and coloring equipment that I should be using?

  5. Is there a site with a lot of cartoon animals you can print and color?

    My niece is doing a project (she's 7) and she needs to get 100 of something. She's doing 100 different animals and gluing them on a bristol board. Is there a site with a lot of animal pictures that are black and white so she can color them? Thanks, she needs to get this done soon.

  6. What kind of theater programs impress you?

    I mean the actual theater program made out of paper. Full color, or just one color, or just black and white? Do you like programs which contain actor biographies? Do you like serious actor biographies or the funny tongue-in-cheek ones? Do you have any examples of funny ones or ones which you have kept over the years?

  7. Whats the website where you can print out pages to color?

    Such as cartoon characters and stuff?