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Disney Cartoon Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. How to entertain a 5 year old boy ?

    I will take care of a 5 year old boy but I never saw him before. What to do to entertain him (with nothing) for about 4 hours ? What can I do to show him he can trust me ? We cant go out. We will have to stay inside.

  2. show me some pictures of disney cartoon characters to draw please?

    i like to draw cartoons.

  3. What are some fun, free activities for kids?

    I have a son who is 5 and a daughter who is 11.

  4. I need a web site with Disney coloring pages for a school project. Were can I get such site?

    I need to write a kids story of a resent vacation and need coloring pages in blanks of some Disney places like Animal Kingdom and cartoons like Mickey, etc.

  5. What old, cartoon movie is this?

    I am trying to think of this movie. I think it was Disney, but not sure. It's about a kid that rides his bike to the library and there's no one inside and some of the books start talking. I really can't remember. Please answer if you know! Thanks!