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Free Cartoon Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find QUALITY and FREE horse colouring pages online?

    I have looked everywhere but I want colouring pages that are anatomically correct and free. My friend is coming over and we love horses and we want to colour some horses in... ALL LINKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Thanks so much! Note: NO CARTOON HORSES PLEASE

  2. What are good free programs i can download online to do some photography work?

    I know there is like Picasso but is there anything else that is good and free where i can alter photos and such.

  3. What should i draw in my free sketch time in art?

    I like to sketch cartoons of people and characters, zombies and narwhals and such. Any more specific ideas on who or what i should draw? I have an half hour each day in art for it, but i'm running out of ideas.

  4. What picture should I draw on the little white board in my room?

    I have it for little notes, but it is blank most of the time. I like to draw different pictures and designs on it to keep it pretty. I'm not that good of an artist, I guess I'm okay. The dry erase markers limit me in ways. I have every color. Any suggestions? Please and thank you :)

  5. What stores sell cute stickers with clear vinyl ?

    I want cute stickers for my laptop and I like stickers with clear vinyl then regular stickers, but if you have no other ideas, can you tell me other options on where I can get cute stickers for laptops. for example, cute stickers like cartoon characters or cute quote stickers. So for anyone who can give me any ideas on where I can get this, I would very much appreciate it . Please & Thank you.

  6. Where to find good quality free software for kids?

    I'm looking for freware that can be useful for my kids to learn to use the computer by playing. I found some coloring books and training for geography... but I would like to know more useful programs. Thanks!

  7. How do you transfer an image to a cake?

    I'm trying to put a cartoon character's outline on a cake so that I can pipe over it and color it in etc. Is there an easy way to just transfer it from paper instead of free handing??

  8. What's the difference between Adobe After Effects CS3 and CS4?

    I used to have adobe after effects cs3 and i liked it a lot and now i don't have it anymore. Is adobe after effects cs4 just an upgraded version of cs3 is it completely different?