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Disney Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. how can i download disney's digital coloring book?

    it's for my niece and i dont know how to do it for her i was supposed to do that last night but i never got around to it plz help

  2. Can this sell on ebay ?

    Ok I am tracing my coloring book disney mickey mouse on a sheet of computer paper will that sell on ebay or not

  3. Remember this 1970's Disney children's book?

    I'm looking for a title of a particular Disney children's instructional book from the 70's so I can search for it on eBay or whatever. The part I most remember is the cover: it was standard 9 x 12 in size, hardcover, predominantly red, and had on the cover the wizard Merlin (from old movie "Sword in the Stone") reading a book. Various Disney characters or inanimate objects were jumping from the pages, as I remember. Basically the book was meant to expand children's vocabulary: 1 or 2 pages were dedicated to a certain place or scene like a bedroom and in it were drawn, cartoon-style of course, all minutia of a bedroom and they were labeled, like alarm clock, pillow, carpet, etc. And various Disney characters like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck were usng the various items in the locale. The only text of the book was for labels of all the details of the locales. The book was at least 1/2" thick, at least 50 pages though not sure. I just want to know the name of the book. Thanx! It might be described as a "word book" The title might have been something like "Disney's Book of Places & Things". Thanx, all I've researched what you said and I'm 99% sure it's the "Giant Walt Disney Word Book"