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Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages To Print Questions Answered!

  1. Snazzy Wallpaper?

    Hey, Does anybody know where i can get wallpaper* of a similar style to the one Peyton has on 'One Tree Hill'? Or a place i can buy a wallpaper* with a kinda comic strip print on it? Thank you <3 * Both for an actual wall =]

  2. 2 year old birthday party?

    My son will be turning two in feb, last year we did a Mickey Mouse theme party. He still loves mickey would it be weird to do it again? He also kinda likes handy manny, little einsteins, lion king. Should I pick a new theme or do the same as last year? Also last year we had pizza this year I was thinking hot dogs and burgers?

  3. Print borderless page in Word 2007?

    I am trying to print my resume in Word 2007. The document is full-background colored and borderless. (Looks very nice on a screen). This obvious gives problems when trying to print (part of the page is not printed). I want to look as nice and large as possible (and I'm willing to cut off border using scissors). What is the best way to do this? (scaling it, bleed printing,...?) Software: Microsoft Office Word 2007 Hardware: HP Photosmart 7350. Thanks in advance

  4. i'm boooored!! :( what should i do?

    please help!!

  5. what should i do?????

    what should i do at my house tonight