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Printable Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. i need a printable pattern for an elmo pumpkin?

    im trying to find a pattern that has elmos face or whole body to carve a pumpkin for my niece she loves him

  2. What are the rules for using images of well-known cartoon characters?

    I run a small website which offers a coloring in program for young children. I've always been very careful to only use images that are my own creations or have been contributed by users. Despite a lot of users wanting pictures of SpongeBob or Scooby-doo, or ... I have steered clear of creating such images because I don not want to be sued for breach of copyright. At one stage I tried to contact Disney corporation by email, to ask about this, but they did not even bother to reply. Am I being over-cautious? Take a look at almost any website that offers printable coloring pages and you will see a plethora of what I would have thought were copyrighted images - Mickey Mouse, 101 Dalmations, Dora the Explorer, Superman, - you name it. Are they breaching copyright? And if so why haven't the big corporations like Disny and Nickelodeon shut them down?

  3. Building excitement for Disney World?

    I'm fourteen and my family will be going on our fifth trip to Disney World in December. I'm really wanting to do like "disney activity if the day" type thing to build excitement with my little cousin who's five years old and maybe some stuff that can include her little sister who's only six months old Ive already got a ton of ideas p, stuff like disney dance parties (where we turn on disney music and dance), movie marathons, coloring pages, "playing disney world" (we find ride videos on YouTube and put it on my aunts Apple TV. We then get all the dining chairs and line them up in front of the TV like the ride and fill in the extra seats with stuffed animals. I'm usually a cast member/tour guide. It's a ton of fun.), maybe some crafts, but i need more ideas. I've got to fill 180 days worth! If you have any ideas or know of any blog posts or things with good ideas, please let me know!

  4. 2nd Birthday party theme ideas, anyone?

    Hey there :) My daughter will be 2 on July 7th (OMG, where did the time go?!) We are probably going to do a BBQ with close friends and family. For her 1st birthday we did the same thing, but did a Hawaiian Luau theme. It was a great success!! Now, I need a new theme/ideas for her 2nd. There won't be too many other children there (maybe 3 or 4). I was thinking of renting a small bounce house but I want a theme. Any ideas on decorating and stuff like that??