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Baby Disney Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. How to keep 12 children entertained at a baby shower?

    Okay, I am throwing a baby shower and there will be 12 children. Most of them will be toddlers. I have a toddler myself and he has a whole play area right in the living room where we will all be able to watch them. A couple of the kids range from 8-12. Should I do something special or just let the kids play and maybe put on a Disney movie?

  2. How much should I charge for babysitting?

    I have just turn 14 and I would like to start baby sitting so I can earn my own money, but i'm not too sure how much I should charge, i don't want to rip anyone off but I'm not sure what a reasonable amount would be. Does anyone else babysit or get anyone to babysit your children how much would you pay or want to get paid? Also if you could give me some tips on getting the children to bed on time and games i could play with them (i want to do a good job ) i would very appreciate it. Thanks

  3. I need help decorating a princess themed baby shower!?

    My best friend is having a baby shower tomorrow evening and my mum decided she would go and buy decorations without me, and nevertheless they were less than agreeable! The problem is that the shower is NOT disney princess themed so i pretty much have to make everything myself. (i already looked at party city, so please dont suggest it) The color themes are pastel pink and lavendar. Your help would be greatly appreciated! thank you! i'm the hostess. i already told my mum to take them back, thats not a problem, the problem is trying to come up with decorating ideas when i only have till tonight to begin making them. I need inventive, creative, brilliant decorating ideas!

  4. Any Disney-themed craft ideas for my little sister?

    I am baby sitting my 11 year old sister and 6 year old sister and thought of doing some Disney craft with them so they can enter it in the Saturday Disney Letter of the Week. Any ideas? Preferably using things we would have in the house as I am 14.

  5. Anyone else out there home schooled and bored?

    I am bored out of my skull.

  6. 13 year old birthday ideas for a girls party?

    IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: I'm having a birthday soon, and I wanna know if any of you have any ideas of what I should do for it. I wanna have boys and girls at this party. So I already know that sleepovers out of the question. But I wanna know a lot of other things I could do. Please leave as many ideas as you'd like. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully answer this. That would be great!