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Free Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. where can i find some good cartoons drawing pages ?

    thats free to print out . like something such as muppets , sesame streets , ghost busters, goofy and mickey mouse, minnie , ducky duckie, the three little pigs with the werewolve dinsey world charcters .

  2. What are some activities i can do with my 3 year old?

    My daughter has a short attention span. We usually make cookies together every Friday, or every other Friday but whenever I try to do anything else with her she gets over it in about 5 minutes. We've learned all her shapes colors and numbers but she will not do her ABCs she also won't do worksheets I've printed (tracing, coloring etc) All she ever wants to do is watch tv but I try to keep it off during the day because I don't feel its good for her. She watches mickey mouse clubhouse and Dora every morning for about 2 hours. I don't have a lot of money right now, and she has tons of toys but she's just not interested even when I play with her. I need some activities that are free or at least low cost to do that she will like that will keep her busy. I do tons with her and try to keep the days full but she just bounces around and its really har to get her to sit still. even if I take her out to the park first. Which she also gets over after about 10-15 mins.

  3. Any ideas for my little girl's 2nd birthday party?

    I decided on Little Mermaid theme. I need ideas for food, games, and decorations

  4. i need ideas for a disney magazine for young kids both genders fast please can someone help?

    for a project we have been asked to design an 8 page magazine for kids so my theme is disney (anything to do with disney) and i have no idea what to include in thew magazines or what Colour's to use or how to lay it out so i urgently need some ideas of what to include on all the pages and front cover please can someone help

  5. were can i go to get free downloads of cartoon characters for my granddaughter to color?

    or any pitchers that a6 year old would like to color

  6. What Exactly Is Polymer Clay?

    What Exactly Is Polymer Clay? Where Do You Buy It At? Is There Any Good Books On Bead Making With Polymer Clay (Character Beads)

  7. Kid's birthday party?

    I am having a birthday party for my son who just turned 5 on July 5th and my daughter who will turn 4 on July 11th.... My question is what kind of party should I throw? He likes spider-man, speed racer, iron man...you know boy stuff. She likes princess, Dora, Mickey Mouse, girly things I'm on a tight budget, should I do hot dogs and hambergers with the fixings or Just cake and ice cream? Any ideas?

  8. EASY POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    ok so the middle school play auditions r comin up and i need a song to sing and it HAS to be a disney song like ariel and peter pan stuff the play is going to be alice in wonderland i can sing pretty high notes but i am not that good at REALLY low notes oh and the longest list gets the 10pts!!!!!!