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Online Disney Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. What educational websites are available for preschoolers?

    I have a daughter, aged 4 and, I want to educate her and prepare her for school. What are some online resouces available to help me?

  2. What are some things you can do that does not cost a lot of money and you can do with kids?

    My nana is babysitting my younger sisters and I and she wants to do something that doesn't really cost any money but is still fun for us..Any ideas?

  3. How do you keep your toddler entertained while home schooling your older child(ren)?

    I need some suggestions! Thanks I do try to involve my toddler in the home schooling process (giving her crayons and coloring sheets, etc), but at times she becomes more of a distraction and my oldest child loses focus.

  4. Where to buy a prom dress like belles?

    It is my senior prom this year and I want a dress like out of a Disney movie! Preferably Beauty and the Beast. The yellow one that Belle wears is amazing! Does anyone know any sites that has dresses like that? Or anything that is like a Disney princess? I know it won't be exactly like it but i want a show stopper! I have a 500 dollar budget. (Been saving since sophomore year!) Thank you for any links!

  5. What do you do when extremely bored at home?

    What do I do when I'm outside at home and nothing to do?

  6. what can community college students do to keep from being bored?

    okay, so i am at community college and just about all of my friends are gone at real school and i am soooooo bored. any suggestions for what i can do to keep from losing my mind?

  7. Can a teacher please advise on some TEFL resources I can find online?

    I am soon to start teaching English in India and although I have classroom assisting experience, I don't have any proper teaching experience or qualifications. Can someone please advise on good books? Or online resources to help me? Or any teaching advice in general?