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Free Mario Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. Does any1 know where i can get an angerfist mask?

    i am looking for the real angerfist mask not the one with the holes at the mouth does any1 know where to get it?

  2. Comparison with BN All new NOOK, and Amazon Kindle Touch 3G?

    They both sooo closely related. I want to know which would be better.

  3. Suggestions for books set in Africa?

    I'm looking for suggestions of really great non-fiction books set in Africa. I'm going to check out Cry The Beloved Country as well as Book of Negroes, both of which were recommended. But, I'm looking for a stack of books set in Africa so anything you can recommend as a great read would be great. It doesn't necessarily have to be an adult-level novel, either. If it's a teen novel, that's okay as well. (Though, not a children's book.) Thank you!

  4. how to convert a .gba file to a .rom file?

    I have files with the extension .gba and i need to convert it to a .rom file how?

  5. should i get a pink,silver,or black D.S?

    For christmas i am getting a D.S i need to know what color to get.