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Super Mario Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. How can I make a stop motion of something pixilated?

    Ok I need some help here. I'm trying to make a stop motion on graph paper of super Mario bros level 1 world 1. You know, the one made in 1985. Well my graph paper is 8.5"x11". And when I look at Videos of super Mario the pixels look very complicated. I don't know how to draw them on graph paper.any help?

  2. How do I do this on my website?

    Let's say I'm making a website. Horray! It's going to be a forum. The point of the forum is to turn every word that you type in a post is a LINK to the word you typed in. So if I typed up a post like: "Super Mario World is my favorite game." EVERY word is automatically turned into a word that leads you to a page on the site with that word as the title and URL name of that word. So basically, everything you type in will be turned into a link so it would be a never ending website. And the pages that haven't been made will show up in a red color on that link which clicking on would create that page. It's kind of like Wikipedia. Does anyone have a script that I could use or a way to do this? I could use some help. Thank you!

  3. How do you personalize your back to school supplies?

    How do you personalize your back to school supplies? I am looking for a way to make my notebooks, laptop, folders, binders, etc. personalized. I love DIY and arts and crafts. I really want my school supplies to be original.

  4. How much does a new dsi cost?

    I'm just wondering cuz I lost my old dsi and now my ds lite I've had for forever is broke and I need a new one...how much do they cost?

  5. How do i get pokemon from gba roms to nds roms?

    i have pokemon emerald gba rom and i want to get the pokemon off there into pokemon platnium rom! is there a way to do that?

  6. What are your opinions on my new website?

    www.godofgod.co.uk What features (ONLY FEATURES) could I add or improve. Please don't mention bugs or design problems. I'm sorting them out. Thanks.

  7. What are some artistic things i can make?

    im a teen and i would like to decorate my room. i would like to make handmade things

  8. Which game is better, Kirby 64 or Yoshi's Story?

    I'm going to download one or the other on the Virtual Counsel, but I don't know which one's better. Any Information is appreciated. Thanks.