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  1. parents What to bring to a hotel room for 5 kids?

    and my self i have a 12 year old a 9 year old a 6 year old a 3 year old and a 2 year old and im 31 weeks along

  2. Questions for 3yo birthday party.?

    Guess I'm just a little curious. This year isn't the best, and last minute I loaned my mother money to fix her car and my daughter's dad isn't sending us anything, hasn't for months, so I'm beyond control, out of a few hundred bucks so this is how my daughter's bday will be... At a park with ducks and whatnot she can watch. She's not in daycare yet, no family of mine has younger kids so she doesn't know any. It'll be me, her uncle (hes 8), my mom, my old friend and her kid whose like 3, my best friend, MAYBE my aunt, her husband, my cousin and her girlfriend (but not sure their coming). I got her 6 presents; cat in the hat memory card game, 250+ piece art kit, play-doh duffle bag with play-doh, tools for it, etc., outfit/new sandals for it, a blue my little pony, two jumbo coloring books with huge page of stickers [these are like 2ft tall lol], and my grandma is getting her something and her great grandma is. Just having cake&ice cream and drinks, and not a lot of fancy decorations just balloons, streamers. I'm feeling like I should buy her more. For her 2nd birthday she got like 13 things just for me, and they werent too small either, plus what family got her. And a lot of what I got this year is pretty small even though shell use them. So is this alright? Also, how long should these last? staying with family right now and can't have the party here TOO small and stuff, so having it at the park and I live in AZ and it's summer already and gonna be kinda warm around 10 when we have it. And last few days I been giving her some things anyway, when I would go to the store I'd grab something cheap out. For example, got her coloring book, stickers, disney poster board coloring thing that came with two canvas like things to paint, chalk, new outfit few days ago and just yesterday my mom got her a cute little water gun. Also, I want to take her either out to lunch this saturday or a movie or something.

  3. My Little Pony PC Games (Friendship Garden)?

    Does anyone know where to buy this game? Is this the game where you can make your pony's birthday cake and stuff? I am trying to find the game, but I don't know where. Does anyone know if you can get it on Azureus?

  4. does anyone know what room themes they are making on webkinz?

    i mean new un-realesed themes not old ones

  5. Pony party help ?????

    my niece has asked for a pony party i or my sister havent a clue any tips or ideas please