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My Little Pony Coloring Pages To Print Questions Answered!

  1. My little pony birthday invitations?

    I would like to make my own invites to a my little pony theme party and are looking for any large pitcures of birthday ponys or a template would be perfect.. any ideas Should i add that it is for a one year old party

  2. Fashion help...........Please!?

    I purchased a white, sheer, flower print sweater at Rue 21 but I have no idea what to wear with or under it. I'd like to wear it to church TOMORROW but I can't have shoulders showing or a low neckline (I go to a Pentecostal Apostolic church).What do I wear under it? I know a tank top would look cute but since its a sheer/see through sweater you'd be able to see my shoulders and I can't wear it like that to church. Let me know what you'd wear under it or even an idea on the whole outfit, hair included! Thanks so much! This is is... http://assets.rue21.com/assets/images/mdse/levels/lev3/items/00400146861419_20110526_001.jpg If you tilt your screen up you can see it better. Thanks again!

  3. is there even a market for comics anymore? (physical vs digital)?

    After years of struggling, I'm considering going full digital with my comics. Comic book stores thrive, yet people are usually looking for the old stuff, not looking into getting into something new. I'd love to meet some people that would be open to discussing this, hopefully making some friends along the way? So whats your opinion on physical vs digital? And is there a market for either anymore? Maybe it's just me...god I hope so

  4. How do you become scene?

    I reallly want to change up my style and become scene, but is there anyway I can slowly go scene w/o spending a lot of money? I already know: they wear neon colors lots of band shirts skinny jeans and crazy hair Sorry if I offended anyone and I didn't just wake up and decide to be scene. I've loved the style long before I even knew what it was called and every year my mom takes me shopping to lame discount places like Bells (actually not a bad store) but you can't find much scene stuff there and my mom's always been trying to get me to be girly (FYI I am a girl) so she's always had a say in what I buy for clothes but im in high school now and I'm putting my foot down and getting my own style! I want it to be like scene kid's style b/c I've always loved it and to everyone who called my a poser screw off! If I wanted to be called a poser I would have posted something that said How many times can u call me a poser?

  5. The Outsiders help, please...?

    I'm doing a report on the Outsiders and I'm stuck. I've started it, but I don't know how to finish it. The project has to look like a deck of collector cards. 1. Character Cards: front - symbols that represent the essence of the character - two character trait words - printed at the bottom of the page back - name or setting - personal information - explanation of the symbol on the front 2. setting cards front - picture back - name of setting, short description 3. plot card front - symbol of drawings of key elements in the plot back - explanation of symbol in relation to the plot 4. theme card front - symbol(s) that represent the theme back - accurate statement of theme, explanation of symbol(s) Right now I have done: 1. Character cards: Johnny Cade - dark little puppy, timid picture: a puppy Sherri 'Cherry' Valance - picture: cherries Ponyboy - 2. Setting - the park (where Bob was killed) picture: a park with a fountain I'm looking for help. Thanks. Ps. I'm NOT looking for someone to do the whole assignment for me, I just need help. I'm alittle stuck. Thanks again.

  6. 2004 Ford Mustang , first car ?

    hey guys , i get my license December the 10th :D , & i found a 2004 Mustang with 66,445 miles on it . Its a V6 & so is my mom's car ( 04 Infiniti G35 ) which i love driving so much . here's a link to the car ! http://houston.craigslist.org/ctd/2079801301.html should i get it ?

  7. latest trends?

    what is the back to school trends this year? for pants? for purse? for shirts? for shoes? accesories? hair? what is "in" for each catagory? [pictures would make me happy!]