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  1. Makeup and hair ideas for a trip to chicago?

    My school choral group is going to Chicago in three weeks. We're going to have some free time to look around and go to alot of fancy places to eat. So if any one has any ideas for a chic day time look and a sultry night time look I'd be ever so greatful =). Any hair ideas would help too, it's a one night trip so two looks would be great. I have gray eyes, fair skin, and hair past my shoulders.

  2. Coloring Pages Question?

    Ok so does anyone out there know what happened to the probably hundreds of wonderful coloring pages Hasbro used to have on their site for My Little Pony? I can't seem to find them any more. It used to be in a section where you could color them online or print them. If anyone knows the link for that, or where to find the complete collection of pictures, could you post the link here?

  3. Does my cartoon look like...?

    Does my cartoon look like the show My Little Pony? Is there any differences between my character and My Little Pony? Here's the link to my character: http://dingosnivysprint12.deviantart.com/art/More-Dave-and-Friends-characters-399707287 Please answer! I just want to know. Thanks for helping me :)

  4. Hairstyles for shoulder length hair?

    ok so i got my hair cut shorter earlier today and now i don't know how to style it i have brown hair, quite thick and it now comes just past my shoulders does anyone have any ideas on how i could style it or what i could do with it btw im 13 thankyou:)

  5. Can someone edit my story? Please!?

    I need someone who is experienced. But I will accept anyone who are willing to help me. I haven't finished the story, but I'm going to edit chapter through chapter so i can show my teacher. I will give credit of course to whom may edit it. If you shall. This is the story so far. Please do not steal my work, it's already copyrighted because I already have a publisher who is working with me. Chapter 1 Ash I tied my dark hair into a pony-tail and opened my spell book. I pulled on my charm necklace as I read through the difficult readings. The charm was made by my mother. The complicated patterns were carved from Gems of Savage Crystals. I looked up to see Ash standing over me. Ash was your typical popular school boy. He had round brown eyes and his silky, straight, chestnut hair hung down his shoulders. He stood tall and had a graceful build. His skin was pallid and his wardrobe was classy and odd. We’ve been together for about 3 years. “ What spell are you gonna cast on me next?” He asked mockingly as he kissed me on the cheek. I laughed and said, “ I’m thinking about making you turn into a werewolf. I would love to see how your family would react.” He shook his head at the word wolf. “ Why are you so disgusted by wolves?” I asked suddenly. “ Because like all myths, us vamps are their rivals and they are ours.” His voice had acid in it. I turned to stare at him then. His eyes turned lighter into a hazel color. “ Babe I didn’t mean it I know you have wolf cousins. It was a joke.” I smiled an uneven smile and closed the spell book. “ Come on my little witch. We’re going to be late for class.” He picked me up and turned me toward him. I grabbed my book and threw it into my duffel bag. He grabbed my hand and we walked swiftly to class. “ Hey I’ll meet you in there in one minute okay.” Ash kissed my cheek and darted away before I could say okay. I walked into class and ran into my sister Isis. She reminded me of a cheetah. Her eyes were the color of burning flames and her hair was shoulder length and luxuriously ivory colored. She had a curvy build. “ Hi Lil,” She said and darted out the classroom. That was all she ever said. I took my usual seat at the back of the room and sat down. I turned to stare out the window. “ Told you it would take a minute.” I recognized that voice. Chapter 2 Spellbound “ Mix a cup of Sage and freesia into the potion.” Isis said. I nodded and followed directions. She went to the next page of the spell and pressed her palm against her cheek. “ Stir until you smell the the scent of the freesia and the lavender mixed. “ Isis said. I stirred the potion carefully until I smelt the aroma of the freesia. The sweet smell burned my nostrils. “ Repeat the spell after me.” She cleared her throat and chanted, “ All hell rises, make me thy path where all thy love can be reached. Clear the fires of hell and bring me back the charms of bloodlines that belonged to thy mother of hope, courage, and beauty.” I repeated after her carefully making sure I said each word correctly. Nothing happened. I said it again, but nothing happened. I looked at Isis confused and she flipped back through the pages and read through them again. “ Oh,” she gasped. I leaned across the table and read the words up side down. “ We were suppose to add a drop of type a blood.” I shook my head exhausted and walked across the room. I looked out the window and sighned. “ Maybe next time sis.” I half-smiled and walked back to the table to help her clean up the mess. “ I’m not a pro at this, but I’ll help you learn this certain spell. Grandma Bartholomew taught me and I can teach you.” I smiled and touched her on the shoulder. She smiled too and pulled her long ivory hair into a bun. “ So you and Vamp are together still? How long has it been?” I felt my heart move to the edge of my throat and swallowed hard. How did she know we were together. “ It’s obvious yall are together. I mean he stares at you in a way that makes me jealous.” I swallowed. Jealous. I bit my nail and opened my mouth to speak. “ Please don’t tell anyone, especially grand. We can’t let her know that I’m dating a vampire!” I swallowed again and stood. I felt my heart racing two. “ I’m going to bed. Goodnight.” I turned to face her. Her skin was paler in the light. She nodded and put the spell book on the shelf. I walked back over to her and hugged her sideways. “ Isis, please.” I did my special puppy dog look and stared her down. She chuckled and said, “ Secrets are safe with me.” I smiled and walked gracefully out the room. Chapter 3 Flesh and Blood “ Want a bite?” I handed Isis my apple. She took the apple and bit into it making a sour face. “ Green apples...eww!” I laughed and kneeled down beside her. “ Did you hear?” she said as she took a sip of her Diet Coke. I took the apple and took two bites. “ Hear what?” I said in between chews. “ Gram invited some of our cousins over.!” I took anothe

  6. i need help finding a saddle!!!?

    ok so a little background info: i am 14 yrs old and have been riding all my life, i ounce took jumping lessons but had to stop because of the economy, so now i found a really amazing lady who lets me traid work for dressage lessons, anyways... i am finally going to be able to get my own horse!! she is 15.1 hh oldenburg mare who is a highly trained dressage horse( my mom told the people who own the horse about me, and there giving it to me for free!!) her name is bella and i need to find a saddle and other tack for her...i cant deside wether to buy a dressage or all purpose saddle, im thinking about an all purpose just because this is my first horse and im just not sure what i am gonna do...mabey do a little jumping some day, mabeye join pony club, who knows! so here are a couple of deals that i like alot, let me know if you think i should get any of these saddles, and remember i am trying to find cheap but good quality saddle 1) http://www.chicksaddlery.com/page/CDS/PROD/3000/EP1306 2) http://www.saddleonline/English-Saddles/c3/p5095/Premium-Quality-All-purpose-English-Saddle-Set-16-19/product_info.html 3) http://thesaddleco.com/choiceclosecontactenglishsaddlepackage.aspx the horse is for sale for $10,000 she is training in piaffe and passage, i have been training in dressage for about 4 years now wich is more time then many people have been riding, please dont leave any rude coments! she is giving me the horse because she likes the way i ride and the horse was being used for lessons and leased out during show season, but the owner wants to give her a one on one relationship with some one! the owner is also selling her because of her size she never grew big enough ino oldenburgs usually are alot taller then what she is her dam was like a 1/4 away form 16hh and er sire was 16.1 hh im not sure why she never reached a larger size?? please im just trying to find the rite saddle so stop being rude

  7. Would you read this short composition?

    As a habit, I write short stories about twenty or thirty pages long to get my mind working. This time I have to turn it in for a grade, and I'd like your opinions. Here is the introduction-- and then I'll explain in the plot. Thanks! I watched her chest grow larger and larger, and then collapse repeatedly as she slept. She was so beautiful. She was mine. I strode over to where she slept, her white ears flickering every now and then. Her nose twitched. It was one of Lexia's habits, to do that. I dug outwardly to her, to bury her in the warmth of the dead grass beneath us. The feeling of soil beneath the toes of my paws felt cool. The fogginess of the night almost came to an end as I rested my head upon the bulge of her stomach. I kissed it lightly, dreaming about the future ahead of me. How one day I will rejoice in the care of three beautiful pups of my own. Lexia mumbled a low growl in her sleep. I chortled how wolves chortle. Motherly instincts... I heard a familiar tapping noise, and my ears pricked up. It seemed outside of our den. I lapped my lips defensively and peeked outside the cave... The moment I looked out, something tackled me. "SHH!" I barked unexpectedly. As I saw Heather, she smiling widely. "I'm glad you're here, Anton," Heather giggled out of her razor teeth. Her red-orange coloring glazed over her ice white fur gorgeously. But no one could compare to my Lexia. Back to reality, here's the plot: Lexia and Anton are basically... married. In a kind of wolf kind of thing, because their wolves. Their best friends were Micah & Heather, except when Micah died Heather was just alone, pregnant. Anyway, they live in Russia-- near China. Men who are referred to as "Zola Chelovek" or just Chelovek, which means evil men in Russian. So the Chelovek steal the wolves of the arctic and take them on a journey towards China. Along the way, they meet a Siamese Cat named Trinity, who was also stolen by the Chelovek. Once reaching their destinations, it is hell. The Chelovek stomp on their legs and neck, they push them from tall cliffs and they even electrocute them just so they are weak and can't move. Anyway, they are crammed into tiny cages where they meet Zeus, a beautiful shiny lab who was kidnapped from America. They don't realize they just reached a Chinese Fur Farm. They take Heather into a different room. They hear piercing screams-- and then they see Heather being thrown into a pile of bloody almost lifeless animals. What is missing, but her fur? She was skinned alive, and that is the horror contained here. Anton and Lexia end up saving the pups & Zeus. So when Anton is going to be taken in for skinning, but Kingpin, a noble hawk, comes and scares off the man skinning because Anton is Russian as he is. Turns out, Kingpin's entire flock, including wife & son, were hunted down. He is looking for Lidia, his lost daughter, who only has a discolored feather of hers to remember her by. So Kingpin frees the animals he can, including Zeus, Lexia & Trinity. As they are escaping, they find a wagon pulled by a Chinese pony named Lee, who's husband had escaped but left her. So they escape with Lee, and along the way they find Kingpin's daughter, Lidia, and they save Heather's two pups. They are all united because they have lost someone in some way. In the end, they all live happily in Russia. I've named it "Winter Coats" devoted to the fact that they were at a fur farm. I am writing this just for Fur Farm awareness, where animals are tortured repeatedly. Sound good? Any changes? Thanks! Stupid Auto Correct-- I meant Zloi, sorry.

  8. Whole New Makeover!?!???!!??!!?

    Hey, My "look" is really boring and plain and I think its time for a complete makeover for myself! head to toe. Lets start with clothes: I always wear graphic t-shirts and a zip up sweater with the same colour. then i wear flare jeans and old run down dc pink shoes. I want something stylish a little more femine and super cute! help me change. Hair now for my hair I just got it cut, I have brown hair shoulder legnth with side bangs :P i usally straighten it something i out it up in a pony tail. i think thats kinda boring so lets make u=it fun :) face and makeup so i usally put on eyeliner on the bottom of my eyes (black) my eyes r brown by the way. i put cover up on my pimples... i have alot. i have them on my forhead under my bangs and i have them around my chin and cheeks and nose. so my goal here i guess would be to get rid of the pimples and stuff to make my skin nice clean and fresh. i would also like to to a bit more with the makeup. thanks for everything

  9. Attention crafters! easy 10 points ?

    Hey I'm an avid crafter! I am 17 and I'm going to be a senior in high school! Im usaly a clothes crafter. My specialty is clothing. I.e tie dye (tie dye shirts bandanas even shorts) also I've made American flag shorts, and I like to.decorate clothing like I bedazzled a peplum on a dress. I also do jewelery, I can make garters, coursages and I can crochet. I can do a lot of things :D I need some new ideas for crafts. Preferably crafts that I.can do for my senior year. My schools colors are red white and black. Even tho I'm looking for senior year stuff Im up for anything new! Please help me :) I'm running out.of.ideas. thanks in advance

  10. Relay for life involving horses?

    So today I found out my uncle ( whom I am very close to) was diagnosed with liver and prostate cancer.Anyways, I wanted to hold a Relay for Life in my uncle's honor and since he has been a part of my life and my horses, I wanted to hold a benefit trail ride to raise money for Cancer research. Now my friend/ owner of the trail riding place has given me permission to hold the event on his trail riding property and horses. While having the trail ride, we are using one of the pastures as a track for people to walk their laps. Now if the people participating in the event sign the waiver that the trail place requires you sign before riding, would that be all we would need? Or would an additional waiver be required? Some people have requested bringing their own horses for the trail, if they sign that waiver we are in the clear if anything were to happen to that person or their horse right? Also, Relay for Life, events normally last up to 12-24 hours. Obviously we are not going to have horses going for that long. What are some other activities we could have set up for people that doesn't involve riding? I was thinking of a horseshoe contest but that's all I got for now. I would like to involve children as well as adults. Oh and I was thinking about charging £15 for the full trail ride and half that for half the trail. Sound good? Any ideas,comments, etc would be so helpful thank you.