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Disney Coloring Pages For Kids Questions Answered!

  1. Can I use coloring pages on my web site?

    I have a kid centered web site and would like to add coloring pages that can be printed on the site. I am not an artist so I would like to use coloring pages scanned from books. Can I do this? What about coloring pages of characters like Sponge Bob or Disney? Would this be legal since I am not charging money for anything?

  2. What are the names of the characters from Disney shake it up TV Show?

    What are the names of the Shake it Up Disney show girls like on the picture at http://www.ginormasource.com/kids/shake-it-up-coloring-pages-3 Which is which and who is on the left and right?

  3. What are some good fun educational websites for special needs kids?

    The special needs school I work at wants to get kids on the internet and is looking for good sites. The kids ages range from 4 to 22. To KTJ - WOW!! Thank you for taking the time to make this list!!! I've already copied and forwarded it on to our IT dept. You are awesome!!

  4. Where can I get Public Domain Colouring Pages?

    I am putting together a kids part of a charitable website and I am making colouring in pages using flash, however I need some public domain colouring images but all I can seem to find are images based on religion. Any help extremely appreciated.

  5. How many of you parents have bought those huge Disney coloring pages and..?

    ... color them yourself? (of course you could always share with the kids) Am I the only parent out there who grabs the Crayolas when the kids are napping and color one of those huge Disney Princess pages?

  6. What is the best website to get printable baby book pages from?

    I have tried some but they haven't got what i'm looking.for. I'm looking for scrapbook pages with pretty designs on them maybe photo frames etc..x (It's for a baby girl so it's got to be girly) . Many thanks for your help.!!..xx

  7. Woody from toy story printable colouring in picture?

    Can anyone provide a link to a site that I can print off an A4 picture of the toy story character Woody? I'd prefer a colouring in picture so I can trace out an outline for a birthday cake. All the sites I've found so far either have Buzz in it as well or are just too small for a cake.