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Batman Coloring Pages To Print Questions Answered!

  1. Why do superheros always wear tights and underwear over that?

    I mean look at Batman, Superman, ect. TIGHTS! WHY TIGHTS? And to top it off, bright "heroic" underware over the tights...

  2. how to tell batman comic is original print?

    I am looking for The original Knightfall series (batman) that was printed in 1993 I have found several online but how can i tell if they are the original? is the publication date the day that particular print was released or is it the date the series was released? please help. im trying to find these for my boyfriends xmas present. He lost his original copies when he moved

  3. What type of backpack? Serious question!?

    I'm going to be a freshman in high school this year and need a new backpack. No one at my school uses their lockers because you typically get assigned a locker on the other side of the school from your classes, so you have to carry your books around with you everywhere. In middle school, I just used my Vera Bradley Vera bag, like all the other girls did. But I already know it won't fit all my big textbooks. I'm taking three honors and will need a backpack that can carry a lot while still looking stylish. I'm also going to be carrying my cheer bag around all day three days a week and in the winter I will also be carrying my coat and cheer bag, maybe even my flute sometimes. I don't know yet. But I know that I need a sturdy backpack. The price doesn't really matter according to my parents because no matter what they won't be buying another backpack for me until college. So this backpack has to last four years. I want something that will last me that long, has two straps like the typical backpack, but is still cute. My parents want me to get LLBean, Jansport, and there was one other brand but I can't remember the name. Does anyone have any suggestions? Could be a specific type of backpack by one of the brands I listed, or an overall brand with some suggestions of which specific one or even just another really really good brand? Thanks in advance!