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Amazing Spiderman Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. how can a really talented graphic artist get his work seen by Marvel comics or Tokyo Pop.?

    my boyfriend is really talented.he want to get into illustrating for a major comic book company.can anyone out ther help?

  2. Spiderman Comics collection books?

    I'm looking to find a book containing the original spider man comics. NOT the comics themselves, when I was younger I found an actual paperback book in the library that had like 100 of them in each book. Anyone know what they were called or if they sell them on-line somewhere?

  3. Comics The New 52 Question?

    Ok so im 18 and my classes are perfectly spaced apart so I have good time now to catch up on things I like, granted Ive never been too into comics except for the huge ultimate spiderman book I have from when I was younger. I have heard about the DC comics revamp and thought it was an amazing time for me to start into them. So far Blue Beetle seems like it will be my favorite. Im going to buy 1.Blue Beetle 2.Nightwing 3.Earth 2 Ok I dont wanna get into too many comics in the start. I want one last one that I can add to the future collection of mine from the new 52 digitally. Im black so I feel I must have at least one of the main characters my color. But it seems this will not be so easy a task. Im not into the black batman I know already and I dont want to settle for a lame comic just cause of the black thing so please suggest one out or I can wait for. I hear Black Lightning will be good, is it already out? You can suggest changes from the 3 above but I wont change Blue Beetle Thanks in advance ;) Static shock is being cancelled already sadly I hear