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Spiderman Coloring Pages Online Questions Answered!

  1. What type of supplies should I get to make my own comic?

    I am a beginner Artist and Writer, trying to make my own comic, but I do not know the type of supplies I need. Does anyone know the type of paper, ink, and etc I should buy? I do not want any colors besides black, white, and red. I would also like this paper to be like the glossy type in most comics today. I just really don't know what type of supplies I need to make a 24 page comic. If anyone could help I would appreciate it! Thanks, Dalton B.

  2. Does anyone know what the big Spiderman books are called?

    I remember when I waas younger I would go to the library and check out these big thick comic book that had a lot of the classic amazing spiderman comics in it. Now I can't find them. Does anyone know the name of these big books I wanna read them again

  3. I would like some superhero comic book recommendations?

    I have recently read through both of the walking dead compendiums and absolutely loved them, it inspired me to see what other comics are out there. I also recently went to New York on holiday (I live in the UK) and went into a comic book store and felt immediately compelled to buy a cool superhero comic. I bought The Flash: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues and this is exactly what i'm after. However, im in the UK and don't have access to any comic book stores so I have to order online, so if you could find the comic online that would be great! The following superheroes are preferable: DC: Batman The Flash Green Lantern Marvel: Iron Man Thor The Hulk Spiderman The Avengers Fantastic Four I also only want the comics to be around 130 pages or more, in colour with good quality paper. Thanks to anyone that helps!

  4. Girls only: not that important but still (undies)?

    im 13 and my mom still wont let me get underwear from like gillyhicks or vs pink. she only lets me wear thongs for cheerleading which im fine with cuz i dont even like em that much just rather have them than nothing under my spankys. mean i know im 13 but im also tall 5'9"/107lbs so why cant i at least wear better underwear. the hanes and gap ones she gets me are really small on me and really just boring looking (like really childish) im not saying i want all the sick stuff like what women wear ive seen on tv like hookers or sumthing. idk ive looked on gillyhicks and victorias secret website and they have my sizes my mom just doesnt think im old enough. but thats cuz my older bro still wears dumb spiderman and ironman and even spongebob tightiewhiteys hes such a loser mean hes 16 and really short alottt shorter than me he's 4'8" (supposedly his doctor doesnt think hes a dwarf cuz he can still grow but i doubt that) so thats why i think my mom wont let me wear more mature underwear cuz my brother still wears what 6 year olds wear. not fair please im hoping if i can get alot of people to agree with me i can show my mom and then maybe she'll give in and buy me some good ones.