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Spiderman Coloring Pages To Print Questions Answered!

  1. What is the different between graphic novel and comic?

    Both have pictures and colors (except for some Japanese comics), so why do we need to differ them?

  2. Is there a way to make a coloring page from a cartoon?

    Like if i took a colored cartoon photo and maybe in photoshop or something get rid of all color and have just the black outline. anyone know of anyway of doing that?

  3. i am at home with good internet cconnection but extremely bored. what can i do to entertain myself?

    i am extremely bored.pls dont include downloading or playing games online. i will like something nasty. i am 13 yrs old so make sure the website dosent need credit card details if you know what i mean.

  4. What can I do people please help me before I die of boredom!?

    Im really bored has anyone got any ideas of what I can do what do you do in your spare time ?

  5. how do i make a mask for a masquerade prom?

    ok so i have like 4 nights and i need to make a mask; one of those old ones on a stick, any suggestions on how to make one?

  6. How to be scene?

    I think the whole scene style is pretty cool. I do not want to turn scene but i would like to try out some of the stuff that they were. any ideas or pictures? please no rude answers! thanks! =]] <3

  7. Can u tell me what the condition of this comic book i have is?

    its an amazing spiderman 300 (the 1st apperence of venom) its has about 9 very small stress lines like not even noticable if u dont have a light with barely any color break at all (all under 1 millimeter big, 1 spine break with lil color break, perfectly printed no printing errors and the pages r off-white 2 yellow...... the guy ive bought it from said it was about a 8.0 but i kinda think it may be higher.... PLEASE HELP

  8. spiderman comic question?

    okay i have 3 spiderman comics that i wouldn't mind knowing about.I love comics and read them all the time i prefer just reading graphic novels after the whole series is complete so there is less of a cliffhang in between readings. i bought the comics at a local store a few years back fairly cheap (the store was going out of buisness) the comics are spiderman the series is torment and they are all the #1 issue but the covers are differant colors one gold one silver and one is green. Can anyone shed some light on what they are and the differance between the covers. is any particular color more rare than others.