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Free Disney Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find free Disney coloring pages to print for my kids?

    I'm looking for coloring book pages that I can print for free. I am only looking for Disney characters. Do you know any good websites where I can find them with a variety of characters?

  2. Does anyone know where i can find Disney Princess ABC coloring pages for my daughter?

    I have a three year old girl and im trying 2 find Disney Princess ABC coloring pages for her i think it will really help. If anyone knows where i can find free printable ones that would be great thanks.

  3. where can i find the disney classic characters ?

    free coloring pages that i can print out for my neice and nephew ?

  4. Where can I find a free coloring page of the Disney Fairy Beck?

    I am looking for coloring page of Disney's Fairy Beck, and I can't seem to find one anywhere. Does anyone have any idea where I could find one online? Links would be awesome! Thanks!

  5. where can i find tons of free bratz, myscene and barbie coloring printable pages?

    I am trying to find good quality coloring pages that contain really good coloring pictures of the bratz/babyz/kids/dolls. Barbie/myscene and disney princess babies. I have already gone thru the first 20 pages in google. please give me some suggestions. well thats funny because i already printed about 300 pics from about 20 different sites. i want some more.

  6. I want to create a coloring page website for children but I have a copyright question?

    I'd like to make available coloring pages for children to print and color but I was wondering if I took images of famous cartoon characters and turned them into line art if I could get into trouble if I posted them to print for free on my website. Is there any other option if I cant do this? I see many web pages with coloring pages of Pokemon, Disney etc. How do they do this?

  7. What are fun things to do for kids on a long ride to Disney World?

    I am taking my children on a long car ride to Walt Disney World. I have a kid and a preteen girl. What are some actual FUN things they can do to make the time go by?

  8. What are your favorite preschool websites and resources?

    I have a 3 year old, and two autistic 5 year old boys that I am homeschooling. No, that is not necessary, but I think it is very necessary for them. I like the Kumon First Steps workbooks, and I have all in one pre-school curriculums for our basics. But I like to have themed unites with fun videos, games, felt board stories, songs, simple arts and crafts, and some fun worksheets that are theme based and will work on basic thinking, sortings, etc. skills. As of this month, everything still has to be very simple... although they are participating, singing along, and in general doing great. Arts and crafts have to be very simple... but not simply a coloring page. I'm still not sure why, but i can only get them to do a wee little bit of coloring, so everything still has to be simple paper crafts... a little coloring, a little pasting and then we have something exciting to put on the wall. So anyway, what websites or resources have you found that were your favorites? Thanks. Kat

  9. where can i find kids coloring pages to print from the computer?

    I'm just looking for the simple templates to print from right off the computer for my son and granddaughter, I've seen some copies in my docs. office and thought I would copy some off to keep around the house for the kids. I'd also like to get some that go along with the upcoming holidays!! Thanks! :):)

  10. What are some fun websites for tweens ages 12?

    I know about Habbo Webkinz Supersecret Stardolls Whyville Freerealms club penguin disney nick and stuff like that. And I would like websites that you can chat on!!! thank you!