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Baby Monster High Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. What are some good (indie pop/rock or folk/country) bands?

    Okay, so I know that these are not all indie pop/rock bands, but I just want similar (good) music to these bands/songs. Most of these I found in my Youtube sidebar adventures into music Narnia. If I only put one or two songs by a band, those are the only songs I know by them and if you know any more good songs by the band, you're welcome to recommend some to me :) I usually listen to songs that have really good/deep lyrics and have pretty instrumentals in the background. I don't usually listen to full-on rock but if it's catchy and amazing, I will. Bands/Songs I normally listened to: fun. - Aim and Ignite album, Some Nights (song), We Are Young (song) <-Favorite Band ever. Coldplay - Viva La Vida, The Scientist, Fix You, Clocks, Paradise, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Owl City Maroon 5 Ed Sheeran - A Team Ellie Goulding - Lights Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know Imagine Dragons - It's Time Kina Grannis Clara C AJ Rafael Jason Mraz Colbie Caillat Taylor Swift The Band Perry Natasha Bedingfield The Scene Aesthete Plain White T's Philip Philips Mumford and Sons <-one of my fav bands Florence+The Machine - Dog Days Are Over The Smiths - Asleep (b/c Perks of Being a Wallflower) Fiona Apple - album: The Idler Wheel Landon Pigg - Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop <-Eargasmic Justin Timberlake Sublime - Santeria <-one of my favs Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son (b/c Supernatural) The Kinks - Well-Respected Man (also b/c Supernatural) (Indie-ish) Bands I found: Paper Lions - Traveling <- <3 The Paper Kites - Bloom, Featherstone Daughter - Candles, Youth (LOVE this song) Stars (one of my fav indie bands...fav songs: Heart, Dead Hearts, Calendar Girl, Elevator Love Song...) The Postal Service Snow Patrol - You Could Be Happy, Set Fire to the Third Bar Snowmine - Nervous Alex Day - Good Morning Sunshine Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Stars Damien Rice - Delicate Bombay Bicycle Club - You Already Know; Lights Out, Words Gone The Honey Trees <-one of my favs Priscilla Ahn Vienna Teng Sia The Lumineers - Ho Hey Of Monsters and Men - King and Lionheart, Mountain Sound <-one of my fav bands Wolf Gang - Lions in Cages, The King and all of his Men <-fav song/band Gabrielle Aplin - Home Amanda Seyfried - Little House Parachute - Kiss Me Slowly Marble Sounds - The Time to Sleep The Ceremonies - Land of Gathering Frank Turner - Recovery First Aid Kit - Emmylou The Staves Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know BOY - Little Numbers Cider Sky The Perishers - Nothing Like You and I Kimbra - Settle Down Meiko - Sleep Sleeping at Last - Turning Page Eisley Radical Face - Welcome Home Sucre - When We Were Young A Fine Frenzy - Whisper Bright Eyes This is pretty much what I listen to. I know a lot of these are just pretty sounding and have really quiet lyrics, but the ones I like the most aren't the ones I put in my fall asleep/study music playlist. I like songs that are bright and happy like Owl City, like Traveling by the Paper Lions, lyrical like Gabrielle Aplin's Home and A Fine Frenzy, and deep and sad and existential like the lyrics of Stars' songs and Fiona Apple. And of course, anything indie rock/alternative or folk that sounds remotely like Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Of Monsters and Men, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, and Imagine Dragons. Also, this isn't rly indie at all (well, neither was the rest of my list), but I do like jazzy/dark stuff like Michael Buble, Kimbra, Sinatra, and Lana Del Ray, too. Oh and I like folk and country. Ones that have pretty lyrics (like If I Die Young by The Band Perry, Mumford & Sons, The Staves). Thanks! I will have fun listening to all the bands/songs you guys give me.

  2. If you could read any of these books, what one would you read?

    Flight and Shadows --- Jackie Wolf is no ordinary girl. It all started when she was kidnapped as just a baby, then kidnapped from the kidnapper and taken to a crazy scientist's lab in an abandoned building, only to be awaken, robbed of her precious DNA, and was supposed to be executed. Only then did she run away to an orphanage where she found out she has a brother. She then becomes deathly confused and runs away to a small town to start her life over again, no questions asked. Only then does she learn she will never fit in as she finds her brother, her boyfriend, and her best friend kidnapped by the crazed scientist for ransom: her own life. When she confronts the scientist, she learns dark secrets about her brother, the scientist, and herself... (There are sooo many other stories about super powered kids that I won't list them all, but if you want to see the rest, follow this link: http://www.worthyofpublishing.com/book.asp?book_ID=14196 the link is free and stuff, and I just copied these descriptions from the list, thanks :) No Title Yet --- Cryssia is an aspiring artist, who loves to sketch in black and white and color. When her family of sven travels to Chicago on their first real vacation, Cryssia finds a leather journal at a curio stand, and takes it home. Using her favrite pen, she opens the first page to find a strange note with three simple words 'Take Me There'. Curious as to who wrote it, she traces it on another of the sheets, and finds something magical is happening... Chandraloon --- water has been discovered on the moon, and gentically altered vegetation has been created. An atmosphere has been stabalized, and the world's wealthiest people have been moved there. The moon is a winderful pace to be... Except for the creature that looms on the other side of Fort Artemis, that is... No one has been close enough to spot it, and every soldier that steps foot on Fort Artemis (the great thirty-foot high wall that keeps the monster rooted to the Far Side of the moon) risks his life protecting us. We all think it's only a matter of time before Fort Artemis comes crumbling down and the monster kills us all. But I feel like I have to be the one to find it and kill it. I mean, maybe it isn't what we all think it is... Avalon --- when the guardian of the gates of Avalon is gravely ill, he must call an apprentice to take over his duties. However, the teenage immortal isn't as experiecned as once thought, and when a stray demon meandered into the heavens by accident, and threatened to open the gate, the new apprentice, Theriot, must split himself in two: one to guard the gates, the other to capture the stray demon. However, when Theriot's second half merges with the demon, he must fight himself and risk his own life for those of all the angels in the heavens. With a little help from some angels and Dims, he may have a chance aginst himself. If he is to fail, Avalon shall fall and heaven and the world will go up in flames. If you could read any of these books, what one would you read?

  3. Dr.Dre Beats Authenticity?

    http://www.justdrebeats.com/by-drdre-studio-high-definition-powered-isolation-light-blue-p-271.html Are these real? I want a pair of baby blue beats but they're hard to find and I found these ones but I'm not sure if theyre fake or not.