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Monster High Coloring Pages To Print Questions Answered!

  1. Is there any games out there similar to Farmville that my kids can play without having a facebook?

    I do not want them to have a facebook at such a young age.

  2. I am 15 years old And very Bored any cool sites i should Check out?

    I have already been on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube. I Like Taking Quizzes Sometimes and I don't Really Care For Hairstyle tips or anything like that, any Cool Sites i should Check out ?

  3. What is something fun for a 12 year old girl?

    I'm only 12 and I'm bored and I don't have a facebook twitter or myspace and i'm SUPER bored and i need something fun to do for free OH and also don't say gaiaonline.com thanks

  4. How to make Haunted Protraits?

    i saw this video on youtube using these old photos of people and changing them into horrible monsters. It so cool. I recent found some old family photos that go as far back as 1910. and i would love to try do that with them But my question is does anyone know how this technique is done? Ive looked on numerous website that does this but they don't tell you. heres the link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4q1EKPbaMI

  5. Fun things to do when babysitting?

    Monday I start babysitting an 8 year old girl everyday. What are some fun things I can do or bring so she's not bored?

  6. What are some good websites for kids?

    Games and School

  7. 50% of my brain is fucked up, help.?

    i dont know whether to make it long or short... I'll do both: Short: half my brain is awesome: clever, creative, confident, hard working, motivated. but the other half wants to destroy the good half: depressed, crazy anxiety, lazy, suicidal. how can I fix it? It ruins everything I try and do! Long: sdfghjkl;'rghrwhgh4toqgep['q4@TGiq4t[g0igq'[4utg'qtg'Q whats the point, as if anyones going to say anything that will magically fix my head. To be honest, I can't seem to change it after 7 years of 2 steps forward and 2 steps back... read these rambles if you feel like it. I can achieve a lot in a short space of time, (win business competitions, build/develop big websites) but only works for 1/2 weeks at a time before evil me destroys it all. im very friendly with the idea of suicide. ok example: I got a job, im more than qualified, but because of my social anxiety i dont (cant) socialise, sit here, and try to say hi, but ignored. dont get the good projects when im clearly more capable, head goes crazy, like red mist, and all i can think about it DIE! oh, as a 13 year experienced web developer/designer, i have the task of proof reading web pages. fuck you. when did it start? well broke up with a gf years ago, but it hit me hard, I locked myself in my room for 3/4 months. but the depression had begun during the relationship. and since then, my head has just changed. responsibility kills me. ok example: im 2nd year uni, some of my courses I get 90% average, others i get 30%... meaning every year I have to retake it! sometimes my head just refuses to do things... meaning although i pass some things with flying colours, the bits I fail eclipse the successes. its clear to me, its better to do something OK, than half EPIC, and half shit. I also have this unrelenting quest to find the correct answer to anything. this does not mean " I AM ALWAYS RIGHT", it means if i am wrong find the right answer, and if that is proven wrong later, then find the right answer again. the issue with that is, people (basically everyone, you as well), do not understand this. for example: god. there is none, and just because billions say there is does not mean it is. unfortunately, those who think there is a god will never think otherwise, and that makes my mind go crazy. i mean... LOOK AT THE FACTS, EVIDENCE, THERE IS NO GOD. EVER. ok ok ok, so lets take the phrase "ignorance is bliss", ignore the evidence, and you can't see you're wrong, thats a fact. i accept that. but, how can one follow a religon (any one) that endorses child rape (islam). "money is the root of evil" - bible, look at the catholic church, net worth $500 billion in 2001 (who knows what it is now)... look at the middle east, Egypt, every night men/woman on both sides pray to 'allah' for their 'team' to win.. dont they think to question the illogicallness? if i prayed to the flying spaghetti monster does it make it real? NO!! (and ironically the religious will also agree) of course this doesn't just apply to religion, other key things are gender and race. moving on from that shit, used to have supremely high confidence, but now, its like... what does that word even mean... then i look at other people and how confident they are and it just makes me feel worse. i would even consider taking illegal drugs to get that back!!! i mean some confidence and then being dead is better than none at all and being alive. have i ever got help before? yes and no. after 'that' break up, i went to a councilor, but that was just me saying what i was good at, which fixed fuck all. i called samaritans a few times, same process. it gives me a 12 hour confidence boost. if anyone knows of a place where you can fix broken brains, that would be awesome. someone mentioned to me i may have aspergers, yeah that makes sense, because people with that are often epic at some things. for example, i am very very very very amazing at piano, not playing other peoples music, but composing whole concertos in a couple of days.. but with regards to music, i cannot handle music i dont like, it feels like someone kicking my head in. probably for most of you, go listen to some grindcore VERY LOUD.....thats what my head feels like after 10 seconds of ree-anna or who ever she is... and of course, since 'the breakup' i have made 1 new friends in 6 years, gone out to a party about 0 times, kept about 0 of my old friends, recieve about 0 facebook chat messages every year.. ok thats a lie, one or 2... given any social situtation, i sew my mouth shut. if i do decide to open up, people walk/run off. if i could clone myself i;d be my best friend (or worst enemy).. ok have to end, fucking yahoo only lets you have 5000 chars. if you read to here, please remember this, because this person may be dead tomorrow, next week, next year.

  8. What are some good websites?

    Like Dizzywood and Fantage? Please list.

  9. does anyone know of a social website?

    my little cousin wanted me to do this she is looking for a website where she can interact with other ppl and there are no curse words allowed she can go to a lot of different places and she can have a lot of fun

  10. I have designs ready for my t-shirt...but printing is expensive, what should I do ?

    Hey, I have designs ready to print for my t-shirts, But I am so confused as to what to do ? All the companies I am going to seem to be charging me loads, what should I do ? I Want to print 100-150 for a decent price, of course, I'm not expecting some mega bargain, I understand these things cost money, and of course, I need the best quality for something I want to sell. www.facebook.com/paccujayidaresay < That has some examples of what I want to print. So I ask here A) How should I go about with printing manufacturers, or is it cost effective to make them myself ? B) If you do check my art page, tell me what you think of the images, and is it something you would buy for £20, i put intense detail into the work so its worth the pricing... Thanks