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Dltk Kids Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. Is there a good teacher apperciation coloring page?

    Other than the "thank you for teaching" hedghog, and the pictures at http://www.dltk-kids.com/school/mteacherposter.htm is there any good coloring page i can print, and i mean a nice one, that i can get for my teacher? thank you.

  2. where can I find some good clear pictures or coloring pages of cherry blossoms to make good stencils???

    I am wanting to paint a japanese design on the back of my plain black sweatshirt jacket and I was wanting to make my own stencils and i was needing some good cherry blossom pictures or coloring sheets that would make great patterns. Anyone know of any places or websites I can do that?????

  3. where can I find activities for toddlers that I can print out?

    I am looking for sites to print worksheets, or activity pages I can use in my toddler room at a daycare center.

  4. What are some good plants to plant during the Spring time?

    I live in New York. What kind of plants are good to plant in New York during the Spring time? Any Suggestions?