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Kids Coloring Pages Online Questions Answered!

  1. Looking for downloadable coloring pages for kids?

    Anyone know where I can find downloadable coloring pages online for my kids? I am looking for something free or relatively cheap.

  2. what are good games for a toddlers birthday party?

    My son is turning three in a few weeks and I need some good entertaining games for kids that wont break the bank! I have already got crayons and coloring pages but I cant really think of too many more to do. Can anyone suggest stuff that has worked for them? Thanks!

  3. How can I keep pictures that kids have colored for me?

    I want to take all of my pictures that kids have colored for me off my wall, but I still want to be able to have them for people to see. Is there anyway that I could put them in something that can be stored easily, but can be taken out to show company?

  4. Where can I find cool Christmas things online for my kids to do this holiday season?

    They are 4 and 6 both girls. I am looking for like letters to and from Santa, coloring pages, and games.

  5. Where can I find online interactive coloring books for my daughter?

    She like to color in mermaids, princeses and other pictures like that. Problem is that all the sites let you download a black and white page. I would rather have her color it in online.

  6. How to entertain kids ages ranging from 5-15?

    My family is having other families over for a dinner in a few days and I get to entertain the kids. -_- The kids ages will range from 5 years old to 15 years old. I would prefer to do crafts with them. Maybe make some ornaments? I don't want to have to have separate crafts for the different ages. I want it to be something for all of the ages.

  7. Where can I get coloring pages of the book "Where the wild things are"?

    If you are positive of any places online please tell me. If you know of any books in stores please answer too.

  8. how to start an online boutique?

    I want to start my own online boutique, but having a hard time with some things .. where to buy from and how to get started in general ..any ideas?