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Hello Kids Coloring Pages Questions Answered!

  1. How teach kids ESL? How to make a text book and workbook for younger learners?

    Hello, I used to teach English for years, I love teaching, most of the time was teaching grammar and my students also were adult, it was very easy to work with adult. But now I have 3 students (5 to 7 yrs) want to teach them at home, it is my first experience to teach younger learners ESL. Wanted to make my workbook for them and now working on it. The topic which I am going to teach them in this course that is 14 sessions are (ABCs (7 letters), color, shapes, number and animal farm) are the topic ok? Any idea? First lesson when I teach the LETTER A, they have to go home and do their worksheet I have most of the worksheets about writing A, A is for…, color page and matching. After that is letter B, and so on, the question is I have to ask the student to do the worksheet about the letters and then go to another lesson that is color or shapes? Any idea for the teaching or lesson plans would be grate and I appreciate it. Thanks for your help. our first language is not English, it is Persian. and the kids have no idea about English I want to teach them this language

  2. How to teach young kids to draw?

    Is there any good TV shows or something that I can use to teach kids to draw?

  3. What Specific experiences /caregiving strategies could you provide to support the child’s development?

    Aged 4.9 (Creative) Georgia has been experimenting with different ways of painting over the past few days. She has been painting the whole page smoothly and then using the other end of the paintbrush to draw pictures in the paint. She was also seen adding collage items to her painting. Georgia asked if she could have some white paint to change her colours, which she did. She told us she was making pale colours. Aged 2.5 (Fine Motor) Marta has been trying hard to thread beads onto a plastic string. She holds the beads in her right hand and then threads in her left. When she misses the thread, she swaps hands but begins to become frustrated. A few minutes later she is seen attempting again, but this time she holds the string under the edge of a basket on the table and tries to force the bead on with both hands. Aged 3.2 (Social) Jodie entered the block area and began filling the tip truck with pebbles. She looked over to the other children and watched for about 3 minutes. Jodie then continued filling and unloading the bottle tops, she would look over to the group every couple of minutes and watch what they were doing. Aged 5.2 & 4.11 (Language) Claire (5.2) and Sophie(4.11) sat in book corner looking at a book together. Claire stumbled over a word, making a funny word come out. Both girls giggled, and began to make up nonsense rhyming words to each other, laughing together .Soon, they start to sing the words and sounds they are making......"fooly, mooly, hooly, dooly, cooly, shooly,pooh!” Aged 4.8 (Cognitive) In the water tray, Jessica repeatedly filled up the watering can and tips it onto the selection of corks and cut up straws. "Wow, this does not sink so well". Jessica continued in the water tray for about 15 minutes and then went over to the construction area. She selected some pebbles and took then to the water tray where they suck, she looked at these and repeated the action about 10 times...

  4. Babysitting -What types of activities are suitable for a 3 yr old girl and a 7month old ?

    I will be baby-sitting two children, a 3 yr old girl, and a 7 month old, soon for 7 hours each day for a while and I need some guidelines and some ideas on what would be fun activities for the 3 yr old and what I'd have to look out for with the 7 month old? Thank you in advance!!

  5. How can I write a good Facebook About Me?

    I'm an 18 year old male. What can I say in my Facebook about me? Can you give me a couple things I should say? I'd like to make it a little comical, but I can do that while writing if it's just about normal things.

  6. Where can I get nail polish that changes color in the sun?

    Links would also be appreciated. ;] Thanks! Haha, never mind. :) I found it, it's called Del Sol. :D Thanks guys.. I think. Hah. For the last answer's that said Del Sol.. I just told you it was Del Sol!

  7. What does each number mean in the term 2x6 under the context of walls?

    What do people mean by 2x6 walls?

  8. Need help with decoration ideas for a two year old's birthday party decorations?

    I am throwing my daughter a Hello Kitty themed birthday party this weekend. We have spent a good amount of money on the location and on the food. I am trying to be a little more economical when it comes to decorations, but still make it look nice. There are thirty people coming, so I need a good amount of things like plates, napkins, etc. (10 kids, 20 adults). I went to the party store and grabbed just napkins, plates, hats, and favors (this didn't even include the utensils, balloons, tablecloths, etc.) that I needed and the bill was going to be $80 for all the Hello Kitty stuff. I know our local dollar store has nice party supplies (plates, napkins, utensils, tablecloths) in a ton of colors, including the perfect shades of yellow and pink that would match this stuff. But I still want it to be Hello Kitty themed. In your opinion, what are the minimum Hello Kitty decorations I would need to make it look nice, but not ENTIRELY Hello Kitty? I know the cake is important, so I was going to get the Hello Kitty cardboard cupcake stand and cupcake decorations. But do the favors need to be Hello Kitty, in your opinion? Can I get away with plain pink napkins and plates? Input?

  9. what is the difference between scene and emo?

    i want to know to either be scene or emo but i dont really know what they mean?