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Kids Coloring Pages To Print Questions Answered!

  1. How can I make a coloring Page of my God Daughter for her Birthday?

    I am throwing a birthday for my God Daughter who is going to be 3 years old. I am trying to make some of her own Pictures that I had taken into coloring pages to print off the computer so that the Kids can color them at her party. Does anyone know any programs or sites that I can do this?

  2. Where can I find a website where I can print out UNCOPYRIGHTED coloring pages?

    My husband has just opened a restaurant and I would like to print out coloring pages for customers' children, but I don't want to do it illegally. Where can I find uncopyrighted coloring pages that kids would enjoy? Thanks for your help.

  3. Where can I get coloring pages and activity pages that I can use commercially for my business?

    It's a small home based business, we mail packets out monthly containing stickers and activities. We are looking for coloring pages and activites, such as dot to dots, that we can mail to kids. Where can I get pages for commercial use?

  4. Where can i find a website for coloring pages?

    When i was in grade school my art teacher used to give us these coloring pages with these women in really elaborate dresses (like old fashion dresses) and i've surfed all of goolge and everything else and i cant find any thing. Can anyone find some print offs?

  5. What are good crafts for preschooler kids?

    I babysit two kids, ages 3 and 5. They like crafts but I'm running out of ideas!! I have made tambourines and music shakers, printed off colouring pages, traced & coloured leaves with crayons, let them illustrate small stories, ironed leaves in wax paper (I did the ironing; don't worry), finger painted and cut out potato stamps to use with paint. What are good crafts to do with them? Halloween crafts would be great but any craft will do. Thanks!

  6. websites where i can find printable number and letter coloring pages?

    i am having a tough time trying to find a website where i can print out number and letter coloring pages. if you know any please let me know. thanks and have a good day.