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  1. What should I draw/sketch/do in my new sketchbook? I need ideas!!!!!?

    What should I fill the beautiful white pages of my sketchbook with? I need some artistic ideas!!!!!

  2. hot wheels cars and sailormoon coloring pages for free?

    the hotwheels cars like matchbox cars and the anime cartoon sailormoon

  3. Can anyone check my personal narrative essay ? Thanks :D?

    Can anyone check my personal narrative essay ? thanks !? The image I couldn’t get out of my head took place when I was six years old. It was during Summer Break. My parents, uncle, aunt, and I were going to go eat breakfast, but something happened. I was at the front door of my house putting on my sneakers when someone slammed the door; and it took me all but a moment to realize the door slammed right on my finger! For a moment, I stood still, scared, and in pain. A few seconds later, I saw blood dripping. I screamed “AAHHHH!” I saw my mom running towards me; she looked scared. She took me into the house and laid me down on the couch. I was in pain; I saw blood dripping from my fingers and my flesh was half hanging from my finger. It was so disgusting I couldn't bring myself to look at it and tried to not think about it while I hoped for the pain to go away. It felt like something was cutting through my fingers continuously. I lay on the couch stiff as a rock, while my parents talked frantically. Suddenly, my vision wasn’t clear anymore; I could only hear the faint sounds of my parents and aunt talking. I woke up in my bed and I looked at my fingers to see if they were okay. I saw a band-aid wrapped around my ring finger and noticed that it was bruised from the door. I felt so much better and relieved when I realized my finger wasn’t chopped off. My mom gave me some ice for the swelling to go down. After three weeks my finger was back to normal, but it still had a ugly scar. I felt so happy that I had a mom and dad who cared so much for me. Every day I count my blessings and think how grateful I am to have a mother and father who love me. I cannot imagine my life any differently without them. One thing is for certain: it just wouldn’t be the same. Im an 8th grader, I need to make this longer by 1/2 page, this is already 1 page. What should I detail ? What should I add ? Thanks ! :D

  4. What should I draww....?

    Im 15 and i love drawing, and ive had a lot of spare time lately so ive done quite a bit but now my brain has run out of ideas lol. I like drawing in pen or pencil and i like doing stuff thats quite unique and has messages in it... do you have any ideas??? thankssS:)